Maximum ROI from participating in a tradeshow

Getting the most out of your trade show participation: using digital on your trade show

Yes, here we go again! After a break of almost two years we can meet again physically on the trade show floor. Many B2B organizations are therefore opting for physical trade show participation again. This generally requires a large investment. But how do you make sure you get the maximum return from your trade show participation?    

Questions that B2B organizations often struggle with: 

  • We have to deal with budget cuts and a trade show participation is quite pricey. How do we gain better insight into the ROI? 
  • How do I reach as many visitors as possible and still benefit from my participation after the trade show? 
  • How do visitors move around our booth and how can we learn from that for the next trade show participation?    
  • Our team is very busy, and organizing a trade show requires a lot of capacity. How do I ensure that my team can work as efficiently as possible at a busy trade show, and follow up and qualify as many leads as possible?

Go digital and optimize your trade show participation, increase your reach and maximize your return. Our digital craftsmen will gladly tell you more about it and help you further. 

Understanding the ROI of exhibition participation  

With a smart data strategy in place prior to the trade show, you ensure that objectives are clear, insights can lead to actions, and you know if you have achieved your goals. Is the focus on generating new leads? Insights into the competition? Meeting customers? Or brand awareness? Choose a maximum of two goals and then choose the right tools and instruments to make this insightful and measurable.   

By making smart use of marketing automation and sales tools, we are also able to capture and follow up on leads in an accessible way. This ensures that your team can primarily focus on the important issues and work as efficiently as possible. Collect leads digitally, rather than on paper. The added benefit is that you can immediately send personalized follow-ups to the customers you have spoken to at the trade show.

Expanding reach: hybrid concepts

In addition to your offline trade show program, choose an integrated online program. This way you reach the people who would like to attend, but are unable or not sure if the entire trade show is worth their time. With a hybrid concept you are not only going for maximum reach, but you are also able to keep providing interested parties with exhibition content in the longer term and make optimal use of your participation.   

TRIMM has several concepts that grab the attention of both offline and online visitors. For example, stream live talks from the booth or build a virtual booth where online visitors can also taste the atmosphere of the booth.

Nothing is too crazy for us, and we like to think out of the booth for you.  

Draw attention and stand out

In an exhibition hall, it is competing for visitors' attention. Digital can make you stand out. For example, we already developed a hologram of its newest chip for Nexperia and DSM launched the digital Materials Advisor: a tool that allowed visitors to select the best material for their application. We developed this in collaboration with GriDD.

Booth optimization: a heatmap to map how visitors move around  

Often the biggest investment goes into buying the space at a trade show and decorating and furnishing the booth. Then, of course, you want to know whether you are getting the most out of the position in the hall, how visitors move around your booth and what exactly attracted their attention. TRIMM recently gave a client this insight by deploying a new technology to map visitor flows at the trade show booth.  

Ideal to evaluate and learn for a next participation.  

Interested in one of our digital solutions around trade show participation? Contact us now!