TRIMM Digital craftsmanship

Technical selling does not require a suit anymore

Your customer’s orientation and buying process is changing rapidly. It now has multiple starting points and spreads through different channels.

Customers expect new things from manufacturers. They expect you to stand out from competitors, they want to be fully informed, and their search is not limited to office hours and might not even include speaking to your sales teams.


TRIMM has learned the importance of simplicity and focus. They have proven to be a key asset in creating impact and generating results.

Sander Arts, CMO


Low Code

Nobody dreams in 1’s and 0’s. Innovation starts with ideas and grows through creation. Your ideas and vision shouldn’t be limited by code. Dream in solutions, the realization will follow. 


Ransomware: what is it and how can you protect yourself against it? Protecting your organization against ransomware is more relevant than ever. Any type of organization - big and small - can fall victim to ransomware. 

Hybrid Events

Getting the most out of your trade show participation: using digital on your trade show. Trade show participation generally requires a large investment. But how do you make sure you get the maximum return from your trade show participation?