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Create your own online trade show experience, accessible 24/7  on any device, anywhere with a minimal internet connection. Our platform is scalable to any size event. Trade shows, congresses, product launches and press events are brought to your audiences' desktop, laptop and mobile device. All the possibilities of a digital platform without the fuss of downloading apps or tools. 

Six benefits of Online Events

Increased reach

Creating your own online event allows for flexibility in attendance for your clients. By using features such as chat, voice and data insights you meet the real-time expectations of your visitors. Since attendance is not limited, you can reach all kind of prospects. Even executives can easily be present.

More interaction

Research shows that Trade shows and Keynotes will generate far more interaction with an online audience than in a traditional setting. Visitors will be able to participate during sessions with posts or chats and even connect 1-to-1 with speakers before, during and after the session or event.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge is enabling. However getting these nuggets of info to your clients and visitors can cause a bottleneck. Time, accurate data and availability limit knowledge transfer. Online events on a specific topic are a very compact and clear source of information, driving your position as thought leader to the next level.

Limited travel

On average trade show visitors will spend 1 to 3 days traveling from and to event locations. Research show managers and executives visit 4 to 6 events (trade shows, lectures, congresses and training sessions) each year.  Why don't you save them some time and make your next event available online?

Less dependencies

Our online event platform puts you in the driving seat! Total control on content, collateral, branding, marketing and data! Roll out your digital event exactly the way you want, making sure all the topics match your audience interests. You’re in control!

Cost efficient and Sustainable

It is almost a no-brainer… building your own digital event is far more cost efficient compared to joining traditional trade shows. Less costs for logistics, booth development and travel are but a few of the line items that will make less impact on your budget.

Not to mention the reduction of the entire carbon footprint when staff and visitors do not have to travel to a venue.    

In 2019 we launched our first Online Congress with TRIMM. It turned out to be our biggest lead generation success of the year! Beside the identified sales opportunities, we found a wealth of data and customer insights we never encountered after traditional trade shows.

Michael Kriek, DSM Engineering Plastics

What to expect

As a marketer, you can use video to reach your target audience in the right way. You can think of the following video formats:

One-Stop-Shop marketing

With a fully integrated marketing approach we will target specific visitor profiles and attract the right visitors.

Integrated and Uniform Experience

Collaboration with all parties involved is the key to create a uniform experience for your visitors. Every aspect of the event will be branded according to your proposition, from registration page to the actual stages for hosts to stream their content from. 

Robust streaming platform

Our robust infrastructure allows for thousands of visitors to simultaneously stream and experience live and recorded content over multiple channels. Scalabilty is very important to us and allows for very cost-efficient handling of data.

Clients we already hosted an online event for


For our client DSM we facilitated the Advanced Materials Forum. An online congress with over 500 registered participants generated an unexpected large number of new leads and contacts for the USA team. Read everything about it in our case.

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