About us


We make the complex digital world more beautiful and simpler. More than 110 specialists are passionately committed to realize online campaigns, internet applications, and platforms that work seamlessly and touch the users. We make beautiful, creative, well-designed applications such as sites, shops, and portals. By using these digital resources, we help our customers achieve their goals. In such a way that value is added for everyone: Digital is our craftsmanship.

> 30 years Digital experience
> 110 Digital craftsmen

ISO27001 certified since 2021

Validated cyber security protocols enable us to operate at a professional level, internally and with our customers. Every year TRIMM is audited for ISO-27001 certification. ISO-27001 is the globally accepted standard for information security. Our certificate can be requested at certificatechecker.dnv.com, or email for our Statement of Applicability to privacy@trimm.nl.*

*DNV certificate is applicable to TRIMM and Performance Cloud


Our clients

With domestic and international clients like Mitsubishi Chemical Group,  Nexperia, SignifyOne For All, 247Tailorsteel, Heuver, Malvern Panalytical and Grolsch. TRIMM develops and designs online experiences, complex digital platforms, and supports in making them successful. 

Our partners

Our digital craftsmen make use of high-class tools to create custom-made digital solutions. Therefore we partnered up with a number of best in class parties. This way, we can be sure we provide our customers with the best digital solutions available. 

Part of TRIMM

Hosting, platform management, security, and performance. With 20 years of experience, we've created valuable partnerships with Akamai, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Jelastic. We have developed a broad range of services to meet your ultimate business goals.


Proud! TRIMM is one of the best digital agencies in the Netherlands according to Emerce 100

Among other things, TRIMM won a Dutch Interactive Award with the total business transformation for Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

Marcom Gold Winner

With our customers BroshuisKornuit , and One For All we won Golden MarCom Awards! 


4 MarCom Awards
3 AVA Awards
7 Dutch Interactive Awards
1 DCA Award