Detect leads with Snoobi Analytics

Detect leads with Snoobi Analytics

Measuring = knowing, a cliché that is leading in the world of (digital) marketing these days. In the B2B industry, web analytics tools such as Google Analytics are frequently used to visualize results of marketing activities and website behavior. The results are often categorized based on segments and characteristics, which leads to the data being limited. This changes with Snoobi Analytics.

The biggest advantage of Snoobi Analytics compared to other web analytics tools is that Snoobi allows you to see which organizations have viewed your website.

That presents opportunities for sales.

Snoobi Analytics for B2B marketing

Compared to Google Analytics, Snoobi collects more valuable information about the companies that visit your website. This allows you to analyze your website more effectively, but also allows you to detect more leads for your business. Among other things, you obtain data about:

  • The organizations where your website visitors work. Snoobi doesn’t recognize website visitors on a personal level, but it does have its own database of company information and methods for recognizing companies. This makes Snoobi unique, as many other web analytics tools do not have this feature.
  • Behavior of website visitors. Get insights about which path visitors take on your website, which keywords they use and how much time they spend on certain pages of your website. You can segment this data at company level.
  • Contact details of website visitors. In some cases, you can view the contact details of the companies that have visited your website. Certain companies also allow you to see information on Google Maps or give you access to the LinkedIn pages of the company and contact persons of the organization.

These insights provide enough background information to follow up on valuable leads and to start a sales flow.

Snoobi’s Analytics tools

Snoobi has developed two useful tools that allow you to access the previously mentioned data, namely:

  • Snoobi Analytics

Snoobi Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides insight about the companies that visit your website and website behavior. This tool can thus make a significant contribution to lead detection.

  • Snoobi Prospekter

The focus of Snoobi Prospekter is on classifying and following up leads. This tool allows you to assign a certain number of points to a website visit and also to certain organizations. Different website visits will each get their own score and based on this score it becomes clear which leads are interesting for you.

The tools are easy to combine and can also be used together.

Snoobi & GDPR

At the time of writing, most web analytics tools send their data to the US. However, the Snoobi tools don’t do that. In fact, the information obtained with Snoobi’s tools is stored in Europe. In addition, the tools comply with GDPR legislation.

All data collected in Snoobi is owned by the licensee. Also, no cookies and IP addresses are collected with the tools. Lastly, Snoobi offers website visitors the ability to view and delete data when someone asks. Snoobi is fully transparent about the use of data and its security.

Why choose Snoobi as a B2B marketeer?

Using the Snoobi tools offers many advantages, such as:

  • Insight into the companies where your website visitors are working
  • Detect more (B2B) leads
  • Tools that are GDPR compliant
  • No data sampling (analyzing data in samples)
  • All data collected by the tools is stored for 26 months, so data from the past can be viewed for a longer period of time
  • Custom solutions for measurement are possible. The tools can be set up in a way that best suits the customer’s needs

TRIMM is a Snoobi Partner

Do you want to know more about which tools works best for your company? We use Snoobi for various (international) B2B organizations and will be happy to advise you. We’ll also arrange the implementation, which includes training on how to use Snoobi.