As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the internet fast, reliable, and secure for its customers.

A CDN ensures continuous availability of a website or application, and fast and secure delivery of relevant content to the end user, regardless of their geographical location. By storing information simultaneously on different servers, the website visitor automatically has access to the desired information on the server that is physically closest at that time. By loading all static content from this local server, a website can be loaded up to 70% faster.

Protection against DDoS attacks

By adding a Web Application Firewall (WAF), all sites are well protected from DDoS attacks and targeted web application attacks. The WAF secures all hosting locations, such as Azure, AWS, and on-premise, while management and logging are only needed at one location: the Akamai platform.

TRIMM NetAlliance partner Akamai

Akamai is happy to work with organizations like TRIMM that are specialized in the design and development of web applications and able to provide good, fast and secure user experiences. Since 2016 TRIMM and Akamai are official NetAlliance partners. The benefits of the partnership are that we can make use of the services within Akamai’s NetAlliance program. This includes web performance services such as CDN and security services such as the web application firewall. Like to know more about TRIMM? You can download our factsheet!

Worldwide performance

Unlocking international markets through the CDN is also a big gain for us and our clients, especially as an increasing number of businesses are now active abroad. A CDN can be used as an additional service that can be placed next to an existing hosting environment. TRIMM has the experience and expertise to configure CDN to properly with a website or portal.

In a nutshell, our valuable partnership with Akamai gives us access to Akamai’s web performance services. It delivers fast performance in international markets. Besides that, you platform will be ready for the new European GDPR-law.

Get started with Akamai!

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