TRIMM & Akamai cooperation delivers worldwide CDN

trimm samenwerking met akamai

TRIMM & Akamai cooperation delivers worldwide CDN

Enschede, 20th of May 2016 – Full service Internet agency TRIMM, and Content Delivery Network & Cloud services provider Akamai are joining forces in order to realize a worldwide content delivery network (CDN). Among the beneficiaries of fast and secure content delivery is mainland China.

Recently, Netherlands-based TRIMM and USA-based Akamai became official NetAlliance partners. This is fantastic news for both organisations, bringing important benefits to each. Bas Greevink, consultant hosting & security at TRIMM explains:

Akamai is happy to work with organizations like TRIMM that are specialized in the design and development of web applications and able to provide good, fast and secure user experiences", says Bas Greevink, Hosting & Security Consultant at TRIMM. "By delivering our customers’ services over the Akamai network, we create the best possible user experience. One big benefit for us is that we can now make use of the services within Akamai’s NetAlliance program. This includes web performance services such as CDN and security services such as the web application firewall.

Unlocking international markets through the CDN is also a big gain for us and our clients, especially as an increasing number of businesses are now active abroad.”

What is a content delivery network?

A CDN ensures continuous availability of a website or application, and fast and secure delivery of relevant content to the end user, regardless of their geographical location. The network is composed of more than 200.000 of extremely fast, interconnected servers in data centres around the world. The same data is kept on several or all servers to optimize delivery speed and to provide redundancy. When an end user requests a certain piece of content, powerful algorithms select the server with the best physical proximity to the user. This way, content can be served very quickly and loading times kept low. A single click on the “Publish” button updates both the local website and all the relevant CDN servers, allowing end users all around the world to enjoy current information and fast response times.

The Great Wall of China

With its 1.3 billion inhabitants, China is an increasingly important market for Dutch businesses. The performance of Dutch websites for Chinese users however, typically leaves a lot of room for improvement. Sites hosted in the Netherlands can be difficult or even impossible for Chinese customers to access. As a result, most Dutch organisations either set up their own hosting in China or work with a CDN.

“Webhosting in China is a complicated business, mostly due to the size of the country.” Greevink comments, “Companies must maintain a presence throughout the country, and this requires a Chinese hosting partner as well as knowledge of the local markets. As a result, administration is extremely complex and time consuming. A CDN naturally becomes a better choice for most organisations. Thanks to our cooperation with Akamai, the Chinese mainland just moved much closer.”

Shared DNA

The cooperation between TRIMM and Akamai is not entirely coincidental. Both companies share an overlap not only in services provided, but also in their DNA. Akamai started out as an offshoot of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whereas TRIMM has its roots in the Technical University of Twente. “We speak the same language,” Greevink says “and that is an excellent basis for working together. I expect great things to come from this cooperation.”

Published on: May 26, 2016