The power of video

A digital strategy depends strongly on effective content. Appealing your target group with the right content ensures that your goals can be achieved. Textual content can be used for this, of course, but online video is also a excellent tool to enrich your content. Our content specialists at TRIMM are specialized in creating smart applications with video and animations, to support your digital strategy. 

What can video do for your website?

SEO optimization

According to recent trends, the search for videos is increasing. Well-optimized videos contribute to your website’s findability in Google.


The richer and more relevant the content is, the more attention a user puts to it, and that is desirable.


Research shows that users are about 10 times more likely to watch, comment and share videos than they would do with other types of content.

Higher retention

Over two third of people who watch a video, watch more than 75% of the video. Video is a good way to hold people’s attention. Storytelling makes the difference. Video is an effective tool, especially for complex messages.

Higher conversion

Over 50% of marketing professionals indicate that video is the type of content that yields the best return on investment (ROI).

Mobile friendly

Users who visit your website on a mobile device expect to-the-point content and do not want to scroll through entire pages. A video is the ideal way to serve these mobile visitors.

In recent years I have regularly worked on beautiful productions with TRIMM. We've produced interviews, recordings on location and inspiring animations. A few words are sufficient for them to convert initial thoughts into motion graphics.


Corporate videos, documentaries and working-at-TRIMM videos

As a marketer, you can use video to reach your target audience in the right way. You can think of the following video formats:

Corporate videos, documentaries and working-at-TRIMM videos

With these kinds of video it's easy to tell the your coporate, brand or product story. Also, very suitable to use in recruitment campaigns. 

Explanimations, instructional videos or how-to videos

Explanimations, instruction videos or a how-to video is very supportive to support convenient to support explaining complex products and processes.

360 degree videos

Users can determine their own position themselves: perfect to use as an eye catcher at conferences.

Corporate videos

We create corporate videos for our customers. These can be used as digital business cards. Video serves as a good first impression for potential customers and literally provides a good organizational image.


An animation is an effective way to explain a complex message in a nice way to your audience. We can create custom made, clear and appealing infographics and explanimations: completely on brand or a bit loose.

Video for labor market communication

The challenge with recruitment campaigns and labor market communication is in propagating the right corporate culture. A working at… video is an effective way to let employees have their say and to convince future colleagues. For our own campaigns, we created recruitment videos and we presented our colleagues in a very personal way.

Our strategy for creating video

1. Intake and quote

2. Storyline

3. Storyboard

4. Production

5. Sound design

6. Publication

Create your own video!

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