TRIMM is a registered Umbraco Partner


Umbraco is an Open-Source Content Management Sytem (CMS) with an extensive feature set to publish content worldwide. The CMS from Umbraco is used by almost half a million websites all over the world.   

TRIMM Umbraco partner

TRIMM is registered Umbraco partner. We are aware of the latest Umbraco updates and developments. Besides, we are very adept at hosting and developing websites. The webplatform of Philips Hue is a good example, we have developed this in cooperation with Umbraco. A very successful project!

User-friendly CMS

Umbraco is a perfect solution for various purposes and is very user-friendly. The CMS offers the possibility to organize everything as desired, and to connect other systems used within the organization. Umbraco is easy to set up, quick to use and has many graphic options. Umbraco as CMS is very scalable and therefore suitable for a smaller website that has a few administrators, but also for larger websites with multiple administrators.


Umbraco Community, extra plug-ins

The platform has various options. Managing a media library, calendar, blog items, (contact) forms (etc.) are useful Umbraco functionalities. In addition, the system is also very suitable for building portals, including the possibility to have complex collaborations with other systems. There are several plug-ins that can be added via Umbraco, by using the Umbraco Community. The community contains of more than 300 plug-ins for Umbraco.

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