Sitecore has been a leading content management system for years now. That is why it ranks as one of the top-rated systems in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, a yearly comparison of the best CMS’s in the world. It ranks particularly high in scalability, enterprise- and user experience opportunities. Multi-site, multi-brand and multi-language are typical issues that are easy to realize in Sitecore. Based on personalization and clicking-behavior, different target groups receive tailored information specified to their interests and needs.

Integrations and flexibility of Sitecore

Integrations with other systems in the digital landscape can also be realized with Sitecore. Whether it is Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Data (CRM), or lead generation, a seamless multi-channel user experience is facilitated. 

Thanks to our impressive international customer base, we have gained extensive experience in developing very flexible and scalable Sitecore platforms. We then often bridge the gap between IT processes and business targets.

For instance, with automated development processes, it becomes possible for several teams to work on different sites from one company at the same time. Our application managers and system administrators work together with several development teams, IT operations and online marketers to put the platform to use in a flexible and reliable manner.

Ultimately, the marketing and sales goals always come first. TRIMM makes an effort to get the most out of the Experience Manager. Our specialists create an optimal User Experience, generating measurably more sales opportunities.

Sitecore Certified Partner

TRIMM is Certified Sitecore Partner. With years of experience, we know how to implement Sitecore in such a way that the goals of our customers are being reached. Our partnership and certification go further than being able to technically implement the system. We also have employees certified in Web Experience Management. As digital craftsmen, we like to think about solutions that provide the most value, for UX as well as in the technical field. We are proud of the fact that we know how to fully utilize Sitecore on all facets. The combination of knowledge and experience makes us unique in the development of Sitecore Experience Platform solutions. Like to know more about TRIMM? You can also download our factsheet. 

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