Digital Strategy in a Day

Digital strategy in a day

Especially in these times, businesses need to re-invent themselves constantly in an ever-increasing pace. Evolution is speeding up and only those companies that can adapt rapidly to ongoing market changes needs will survive. Companies that are strong in innovation, who can create short time to market products or services and companies who have deep market knowledge are the ones that will evolve into new species the coming decades. An Agile strategy to adapt is key, as long-term strategies that have become less effective in a fast changing world.


Digital is the key driver for an agile organisation

Every company is undergoing digital transformation at the moment, some as a strategic program, others unknowingly driven by their ecosystem. Digital transformation as a process is not about tools, it is even not about digital itself. It is about being an agile organisation embracing change. The road to digital leadership is one of both internal as external focus. Where external is revenue driven and about digitizing channels, internal is about creating margin by digitizing operations. A well-tuned combination of the two and an innovative mindset will create new opportunities and new, digitized, business models. 


Your business, our experience: Digital strategy in just one day

TRIMM has helped companies for over 25 years to build their digital presence. In these years we have built up a wealth expertise in translating company strategies into digital strategy. By combining models, methods and processes that we have developed over the years we are able to translate business strategies into digital strategies in relatively short throughput time. Using an Agile and pragmatic approach. In a personalised workshop you will gain important insights and you will create the outlines of a roadmap to move to the next era in your company’s digital presence.  

Six steps to creating your Digital Strategy

So, that sounds great! But what does that look like, digital strategy in a day? We will guide you on your journey step by step:

1. Quick Scan

As a preparation to the workshop we will ask you to fill-out a short survey to provide us with some basci understanding of your business goals and challenges.  

2. Business Strategy

What are the goals that have been set, and what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to make the success of these goals measurable? 

3. Value Proposition

How do your products and services benefit your clients? This is the starting point of creating an outside-in marketing approach.

4. Customer Journey

Know your audience! The customer decision journey is no longer linear, so together we will look into how you can create a 360 degree view of your customer and how you can create the optimal journey.

5. Touch Points

Once that customer decision journey is defined, we need to create relevant touch points that help guide your customers along that journey, using the right channels and assets.

6. Debrief

And finally, in a debrief we will provide advise on which steps you need to take next.

Let's evolve your digital strategy together!

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