Acquia has been the rising star in Web Content Management systems in the last years. It has entered straight into the leadership Quadrant (Gartner’s Magic Quadrant WCM) and shows it can maintain that position.

Web content management from Acquia

Acquia responded to the demand for web content management as-a-service. Instead of purchasing an annual license and having a web platform built on-premise, Acquia offers a subscription form and a platform on which websites can be built. This can be built entirely based on the wishes of the customer. The platform offers the environment and the tools to make this easy.

Flexible Platform

The platform is scalable and suitable for both relatively small websites and large corporate websites. Due to the fast scalability, it is also very suitable for websites that regularly have to deal with a high peak load. The platform can adjust easily to the (temporary) high number of visitors, without a slow or unreachable website.

Excellent user experience

Acquia also developed a number of products that focus on creating a good user experience. The products focus on personalization, serving the right content during the buyer journey and the integration with other systems, such as marketing automation and CRM.

TRIMM is certified Acquia partner

TRIMM is Certified Acquia partner and is one of the first agencies in the Netherlands that has created great digital user experiences using the platform. Like to know more about TRIMM? Download our factsheet!

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