Digital Maturity Scan

How digitally mature is your organization?

Digital is becoming an increasingly integral part of your organization, products, and services. Our vision is that in many cases, there should be more reasoning of a digital program with program management, where digital projects are part of it. For various clients, our consultants guide these types of programs. In many cases, our clients have an incomplete picture of their digital maturity. Our consultants have developed the TRIMM Digital Maturity Scan that provides insight into the digital maturity of your organization. This creates insight into the status and provides starting points to work with. It forms a good benchmark of where your organization stands now.

What does the Scan focus on?

  • Urgency: Is there a sense of urgency to change?
  • Strategy: To what extent is digital part of the overall strategy?
  • People: Do you have the capabilities and competencies to undergo a digital transformation?
  • Process: Are there processes in place, and how are they designed? Do improvements need to be made?
  • Technology: What technology is available, and does it enable the organization to achieve its goals?
  • Market: How is the market structured? What do customers need, and what are competitors doing?

How does the Digital Maturity Scan work?

The research takes place online, where participants receive an online questionnaire with questions about the different themes. This research is conducted anonymously. The results provide insight into the current situation and points that need to be addressed. A digital maturity scan can also be repeated several times to measure progress in a change process and to see if your organization is actually taking the steps you have in mind. The results can be shared internally as desired or presented by TRIMM consultants.

The Digital Maturity Scan as a foundation

The benchmark created by assessing the digital maturity of your organization can serve as the foundation for further steps. If processes are not in order, they often need to be addressed (first) to avoid automating a flawed process. If you have a lack of people who can drive the tools, you will need to work with HR to train employees and, if necessary, recruit new talent. These are just two examples of the many aspects that will likely emerge from conducting a digital maturity scan. Additionally, a digital maturity scan can be an excellent tool to assess the progress made, even if it wasn't conducted initially.

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