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TRIMM is certified Magnolia partner

TRIMM has nearly 15 years of experience with Magnolia. As a Certified Partner, we possess up-to-date knowledge and abundant experience, enabling us to provide comprehensive professional support. This support encompasses everything from implementation to maintenance and hosting. Additionally, Magnolia offers worldwide support with offices in Europe, USA, and Asia.

The market share of Magnolia CMS continues to grow. The platform is actively developed, and its developers' community remains active, making Magnolia a secure and future-proof CMS choice. Over the past few years, Magnolia has earned a more prominent position in notable evaluations such as the Forrester Wave and Gartner Magic Quadrant DXP reports. As a Certified Partner, we take great pride in this achievement!

Magnolia CMS - The logical choice

Magnolia CMS is a CMS (Content Management System) designed to accelerate digital business operations. It is a widely used and rapidly growing platform, suitable for both simple websites and enterprise solutions. Unlike suites such as Adobe EM and Sitecore, Magnolia CMS excels in a best-of-breed landscape. Best of breed means that for each specific issue, you can choose an application or solution that aligns with your organization's digital maturity. This way, you can precisely leverage what you are capable of and avoid having a solution in-house that you may not have the knowledge or capabilities to fully optimize. It serves as a central content hub in an integrated landscape. Magnolia also excels in connecting to other marketing tech stack and IT tools within your company. Translation and translation options are built into the core a Magnolia. Last but not least to mention is that Magnolia stands out in security also because of it's java based source code.

Why choose Magnolia CMS?

A well-executed content management base combined with strong integrations to other systems are the strengths of Magnolia CMS. This ensures a consequent user experience throughout all touchpoints, supporting digital business. Magnolia CMS makes it easy to put content online and integrate external systems like CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation and other marketing/sales tools.

Magnolia provided us with an efficient solution in which we connect our internal product information management (PIM) system to our public website. A solution that brings down the costs of maintenance and speeds up the publication time.

Herman Elenbaas, Product Information Manager Nexperia

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