Copernica is one of the most comprehensive emailtookits you can find. TRIMM's digital marketing team uses Copernica because it is designed specifically for marketers. With Copernica's marketing software, designing and creating personalized emails with dynamic content is very effective.

Benefits of Copernica

  • Low bouncerate
  • User-friendly responsive email templates
  • Personalization of emails

TRIMM as a partner of Copernica

As a Copernica partner, TRIMM offers support and services to maximize the effectiveness of the Copernica marketing tool software. Through automated e-mail campaigns we can create valuable one-to-one contact moments. Read on to find out why TRIMM can help you as a Copernica partner.

Important features

We have listed the most important features. The benefits Copernica has to offer in email marketing.

  • Flexible API

An API (application programming interface) is a basis for computer programs to communicate with each other. Copernica can easily be integrated with your own website using the reliable REST -/ SOAP API and advanced webhooks. The security of the API is flexible, fast and well secured by encryption. This gives our digital marketing team real-time insight into results on clicks, opens and bounces.  

  • Marketing Automation

The FUM is the user-friendly Follow Up Manager of Copernica, an advanced tool to automate campaigns. Mapping a customer journey can be easily done in this tool, making the campaigns based on data and behavior of the target group. By defining a decision moment, we determine what a customer will see at what time. In this way we can send e-mails based on spending behaviour or the number of visits to the page.

  • Multidimensional databases

Copernica's layered database structure allows us to add an unlimited number of layers of information to a profile, or collections. For example, data such as 'downloads', 'products' and 'events'. Combined with the API basis, it is possible to place all relevant information in Copernica in real time. This creates a rich profile with history that contributes to the essential communication.

  • Drag-and-drop editor

Copernica has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor (Template Editor). Personalized emails are shown to their best advantage on any device and the number of opened emails can be increased by adding a personal salutation. Due to the simplicity of dynamic templates, we are able to communicate relevant content through automated campaigns.

  • Excellent email deliverability

E-mail deliverability is very important in digital marketing, it is necessary for the e-mail to actually arrive. Through Copernica's Spamcheck we can check the spam sensitivity of the template, which increases deliverability. By techniques like SPF, DKIM and DMARC we can ensure optimal email deliverability.

  • Clear inbox placement insights

To check deliverability, we use test addresses to monitor the inbox. The composition of mailboxes is analysed and this determines the location in the inbox. Copernica also offers an inbox placement test. The delivery of the mailing shows per client how much has ended up in the spam box and what the bounce percentage is.

Copernica distinguishes in the market by focusing purely on delivering powerful email marketing software. We enable organizations to send large volumes of emails and create valuable one-to-one contact moments.


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