Proud! Nominations and prizes we are proud of

TRIMM often competes for national and international awards with her projects in marketing, digital, and tech. See below an overview of the awards we have won and the nominations we have had over the years!


Emerce 100

Emerce is the leading platform in The Netherlands on online business and marketing. They publish the Emerce 100 every year to give the best possible insight into the market. In collaboration with research agency Motivaction, Emerce asked their readers and event attendees to rate the digital agencies they work with based on added value, reliability, skills and flexibility.


2022 - TRIMM for the sixth time in the Emerce 100 

TRIMM has been named by Emerce 100 as one of the best full-service digital agencies in the Netherlands, in the category digital agency full-serivce (large), for the sixth year in a row.


2021 - TRIMM for the fifth year in a row in Emerce 100 

TRIMM has been named one of the best full-service digital agencies in the Netherlands for the fifth year in a row by the Emerce 100, in the digital agency full-service (large) category.


2020 - TRIMM one of the best digital agencies of the Netherlands

TRIMM has been awarded by Emerce as one of the best full service digital agencies in the Netherlands for the fourth year in a row!


2019 - TRIMM for the third year in a row in Emerce 100

This year TRIMM is once again named in the category large full-service digital agency, which makes us one of the top digital agencies of the Netherlands!


2018 - TRIMM one of the best digital agencies of the Netherlands

Full-service digital agency TRIMM is once again one of the best internet agencies in the Netherlands, as measured by Emerce and Motivaction, in de category of full-service digital agency (large). 


2017 - Best full-service internet agency in The Netherlands

In 2017, TRIMM secured a first place in the Emerce 100: the leading list that independently ranks the achievements of suppliers of services in e-business and marketing industry. TRIMM received a five-star rating, making it one of the best full-service Internet agencies in The Netherlands.

dca winner logo digital communication awards png

Digital Communication Awards

The Digital Communication Awards (DCA's) are anually awarded to remarkable projects, campaigns and innovations in the field of online communication. Since 2011, the awardshow is being hosted by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences (Berlin)

Philips Lighting OEM MyTechnology Portal

2017 - Won in the category Best Content Platform

In collaboration with Philips Lighting, TRIMM won a DCA in the category Best Content Platform with MyTechnology Portal in 2017. MyTechnology Portal is a digital environment in which Philips Lighting OEM can be in close contact with her customers. In this portal, customers can get inspired, learn, stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and communicate with their account manager.

marcom gold logo

Marcom Awards

De Marcom Award is handed out every year to marketing- and communication professionals that stood out with their performance in a special or creative way. The competition is worldwide the biggest in its kind. 6500 competitors from 17 different countries entered.

Optimized platform for One For All

2019 – Winner Golden Marcom Award in the category business to consumer

The optimized platform One For All received an international MarCom Gold Award in October 2019! After extensive user research, the platform is fully dedicated to the end-user of One For All: the consumer. TRIMM has upgraded the platform technically by adding new components to the Drupal CMS, giving it a commercial purpose and a multilingual function.

Kornuit, made of moments

2018 – Winner Golden Marcom Award in the category business to consumer

The new website of Kornuit won a international Golden MARCOM Award. The platform supports Kornuit to optimally reach their target group. The characteristic features of the platform are the mobile-first design and horizontal-swipe that lead to a responsive website. The new Kornuit website is not a traditional website, it is tailored to the wishes and needs of the new generation of beer drinkers, the urban youngsters. 

Digital trailer configurator from Broshuis

2018 – Winner Golden Marcom Award in the category business to business

The digital trailer configurator from Broshuis has won the international Golden MarCom Awards 2018. The trailer configurator gives the user all the flexibility in putting together a trailer according to their wishes. In combination with a marketing automation tool, Broshuis receives valuable insights about the customer and the market.

Online cleaningplatform

2017 – Winner Golden Marcom Award in the category business to consumer

The online cleaning platform received an international MarCom Gold Award in 2017. The supply and demand is linked seamlessly together through the online platform. All interactions and transactions are facilitated through this platform: from booking cleaning staff to payment. With the interactive website and app, is capable to get cleaning staff and customers together in an effective, reliable and fast way.

Philips My Technology Portal

2014 – Won a Golden Marcom Award in the category Portals

The Philips ‘My Technology Portal’ won the prestigious and international Golden Marcom Award in 2014 for the category Portals. The My Technology Portal is a dashboard which offers a lot of functionalities through so called widgets. The customer can request samples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the portal. They can see which product launches are planned and have the possibility to place direct orders in the order system.

dia logo

Dutch Interactive Awards

Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) is the biggest award show for the interactive branch. 12 awards are handed out each year in the fields of e-commerce, online communication and marketing.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group: Total business transformation from customer journey experience

2022 – Winner in the category B2B Commerce

In 2022 TRIMM won a golden DIA for the Total Business Transformation. By putting customer experience at number one, MCAM has a decisive lead in a traditional market.

Xsens MotionCloud: Innovative motion data specialist platform

2021 - Winner in the category Disrupter

In 2021 TRIMM won a silver Dutch Interactive Award with the Xsens Motioncloud. An all-in-one motion capture-service for super powerful data processing, reports and collaborations.

Grolsch Horeca Platform

2020 - Winner in the Digital Transformation category

In 2020, TRIMM won a golden Dutch Interactive Award with the Grolsch Horeca Portal. An innovative, online platform that supports Grolsch' catering entrepreneurs with self-care, data and the data analyzes that accompanies it.


2016 - Won in the B2B category

On May 26th of 2016 TRIMM won a silver DIA with the Online Management Tool Hosted Calling in the B2B category. Hosted calling is a service focused on companies where the interoffice telephone is replaced by a virtual version of an interoffice telephone. To manage that, TRIMM developed a user friendly self-care environment which can easily be used by different brands of Liberty Global, Ziggo’s parent company. The jury found it impressive that the tool was able to practice multi brand- and country strategy with its customers. Furthermore TRIMM was nominated for a DIA in the Activation category with the LED Savings Calculator for Philips.

Philips LED Savings Calculator

2016 - Nominated in the category Activation

In 2016, TRIMM was nominated for a Dutch Interactive Awardw with the Philips LED Savings Calculator in the category 'Activation'. The Philips LED Savings Calculator allows consumers around the world to calculate how much they could save on their energy bill by switching to LED lights. The application then allows users to immediately purchase the right LED products to enable these savings. Unfortunately, TRIMM did not win the award. 

NXP and Philips Lighting

2015 - Nominations in B2B and Professional Services categories

In 2015, TRIMM received two nominations for the DIA awards. With the NXP video platform TRIMM competed for the prize in the categories B2B and Professional Services. The second nomination was for our Philips Lighting Redesign in the category Corporate. Unfortunately both nominations did not get us a prize.

Victron Energy

2014 - Won in the B2B category

In 2014 TRIMM won a DIA in the B2B category with the Victron Energy case. For VRM (Victron Remote Management), Victron was looking for a party that could help launch a new app real quick but of course with high quality. The app makes it possible to quickly and user friendly read the current status of an installation or to adjust a configuration. This way, operators of electrical installations can do their work more efficiently. Read more about the case here.


2012 - Nomination for the Online Services category

Our work for Couverts in 2012 was worth a nomination for the Dutch Interactive Awards. is a unique site where restaurants can offer seats online with the possibility to make direct reservations based on personal needs. It was TRIMM’s job to make sure the website’s visitors could search for a certain city, period and number of people. Afterwards they should be able to make a direct reservation at the particular restaurant.


2011 - Nomination in the category Brand site

We were nominated for a DIA in 2011 with our Bolletje case. Bolletje gave TRIMM the assignment to develop a new webplatform. The goal was to create a connection between print, TV and web and integrate those aspect. There needed to be a place online where Bolletje as a brand and with her products could be as recognizable as possible.

awa awards platinum

AVA Awards

The AVA Digital Award is an international competition brought to live to differentiate outstanding work of creative professionals in the fields of concept, art direction, design and media production. The only condition is that the work must be part of an evolution in the field of digital communication. 

Solar Team Eindhoven

2017 - Two awards in the categories ‘Cinematography’ and ‘Documentary’

TRIMM has won two AVA Digital Awards with the documentary ‘World Solar Challenge: Reinventing the future. We won a platinum award in the category ‘Cinematography’ and a golden award in the category ‘Documentary’. Something to be really proud of!

NXP Semiconductors

2015 – 2 Awards in the categories ‘video for web/corporate overview’ and ‘video production/corporate image’.

At the AVA Digital Awards 2105 we won two prizes. One in the category of ‘video for web/corporate overview’ and one in the category of ‘video production/corporate image’. TRIMM won in both categories with the ‘Secure Connections for a Smarter World’ video project for NXP Semiconductors.