The objective is not to be a leader or a follower, but a guide. It is like hiring a guide: we don’t want him to order us around, but we don’t want her to follow us around either

Digital strategy

Answer or question?

When people think about consultancy, the focus is often on the consultant providing the right answers. At TRIMM, we believe that consultancy is about asking the right questions. Our experience and curiosity contribute to asking the right questions, because there is often more hidden behind the initial question than you may think. And yes, this experience also helps in providing the right answers to your questions.

The hundreds of projects that TRIMM has completed over the past 30 years have taught us that technology alone almost never delivers the desired results. Digital is an integral part of your business. So, are you looking for someone who understands technology or business and technology?

People, Process, Technology

We follow the People, Process, Technology approach, which is based on the right strategy. For every technology issue, we and the client ask ourselves what process underlies the technology and how it should help the people inside and/or outside the organization. One of the products our consultants implement is the Digital Maturity scan. Our team of consultants has years of experience in a wide range of areas, ranging from IT and business architecture as a basis for digital transformation to branding and from change management to data & business intelligence and low-code. Our consultants contribute to accelerating projects, increasing impact, and challenging you as a client.

Digital Consultants Team

Our consultants can advise on the broad spectrum in which TRIMM operates as a digital agency. Our expertise lies in both business consultancy with digital and a specific characteristic that has a strong focus on IT and digital marketing consultancy. We are able to make the connection between business and digital. Our consultancy services are focused on several areas:

  • Digital business strategy
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Tech & development
  • Insight & Data
  • Hosting, Security & Performance

When should I use TRIMM's consultancy services?

Our knowledge and competencies in digital are both broad and deep. We are good at addressing business, process, and technology issues within digital, particularly in complex, often international environments where there are complex buyer journeys and large decision-making units (DMUs). Below is a small cross-section of the activities we perform.


Analyzing the status quo is important. This gives you more insight into where you currently stand and provides you with the opportunity to measure the success of projects/initiatives. We help customers, among other things, to inventory their Digital Readiness or Digital Maturity. In other words: where is your organization in various areas before we even start working with technology? If your organization does not have the skills or people to make technology successful, what needs to be developed or should we bring in an external party, either temporarily or permanently?

Another one of the consultancy propositions is a Project Preparation Phase. This phase precedes the actual execution of a project. The greatest added value is brining forward complexity and really get insight what a digital project entails. For more detailed information on the Project Preparation Phase click here.

We regularly carry out a market review for our customers. In a market review, we look at the world in which you operate from our specialties. We immerse ourselves in your business and combine this with our knowledge to come up with new insights that will take you and your company further. What are your competitors doing in terms of digital-related business? What does the customer journey currently look like for your customers and where can it be improved?


TRIMM also provides various consultancy services before and during the execution of a project. Examples include a Project Preparation Phase / Phase 0 and a Digital Strategy in a Day. These things result in a Digital Strategy Roadmap, which maps out all digital-related steps, and a planning. This can range from a more operational document to a strategic document that is part of the overall business plan. During projects, our consultants fulfill various roles ranging from data advice to working with realization. If necessary, our consultants take on the role of (temporary) product owner, or the consultant supports a product owner on the client side.

Soundboard / Sparring partner

With over 30 years of experience, we are well-equipped to act as a sounding board or sparring partner, if desired. We are able to bridge the gap between organization and technology. We have learned that even heavily technology-focused projects benefit from someone who takes a step back and challenges assumptions, while also looking at the business angle, the human element, and the process side. A sparring partner role can take place during and after a project, or periodically, with our consultants thinking and working as professional outsiders on the future of your company.

Architecture advice

In many TRIMM projects, such as web platforms, portals, calculators, and configurators, our solutions are part of a larger IT and/or marketing tech stack. Connections (custom, web services, standard) with CRM, ERP, PIM, middleware, DAM, and so on are actually standard in our work. Our consultants map out the architecture landscape so that we can connect from an operational and tactical perspective. In addition to this level of architecture mapping, we also help customers inventory, analyze, and advise. Questions we receive vary from thinking about the future state of the landscape and which steps we see as best for a future-proof IT and/or marketing tech stack.

Second opinion & different perspective

For many organizations, more and more projects and programs take place where digital plays an essential role. For many specialties, you probably work with preferred suppliers. It can be valuable to have a second opinion and a different perspective.

Hosting, performance, and cybersecurity issues

Business continuity and performance are themes that are increasingly on the agenda of organizations. Hacks or huge spikes in traffic demand more and more from organizations. In addition to the direct operational issues that arise from such issues, the consequences for the business image are also of great importance. Within TRIMM, there is a business unit specialized in these themes: Performance Cloud.

What is the added value of TRIMM consultancy?

  • We help to grow digital maturity
  • We challenge the status quo
  • We help accelerate
  • We help concretize

Together, these points help to increase the impact of the steps you are going to take.

The themes mentioned above are just a cross-section of the consultancy services that TRIMM provides. Are you interested in what we could do for you? Please contact us.

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