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Developing a website or app with TRIMM means we look at your entire digital strategy and landscape. We ask ourselves the question: how do we ensure an integrated approach to achieve your goals?

We strive to achieve long-term partnerships, focused on delivering value. We challenge you to get to the core of your question, so we place it in the long-term ambitions you have. A dedicated team of professionals guarantees high-quality knowledge and expertise. We don't just execute, but really think along with you.

Full-service, user-centered and according to the TRIMM Digital Lifecycle. That’s how we guarantee success.

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It’s always about that one thing:

  • To find a "Big Idea“
  • that is interesting
  • suitable for the target group
  • and for the company
  • as well as for the brand,
  • that can be used across all communication channels
  • and works for several years.

Website development at TRIMM

TRIMM combines design and digital marketing with technical expertise to build a website that fits your goals exactly. For instance, you want to:

  • Generate more leads through your (product) website
  • Learn the possibilities for brand building on your corporate website
  • Attract more applicants through your 'Working at' site
  • Reduce the cost per lead by automating processes
  • Realize the best customer experience
  • Be or stay a leader in your industry and realize that digital is indispensable.

Then you've come to the right place.
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Simplifying complexity is our specialty

Whether it's complexity in terms of stakeholders, technology, scope or strategy: we're happy to take on the challenge with you!
Consultants with years of experience in digital processes help you navigate the digital transformation of your organization. A team of specialists is dedicated to your website or webshop and digs deep into your business, because we want to understand you and your customers as well as possible. See us as an extension of your organization and part of your team.
That's how we get the best results.

The Digital Lifecycle of TRIMM

A website is never finished: as long as the market and the target group keep on changing, the way you approach the target group will also change. That is why we work with a lifecycle instead of a static process:

  1. Digital Strategy:
    1. What do we want to realize, for whom and with what goal?
    2. Deepening into the target groups and mapping their needs against the business needs
  2. Concept & Design
    1. User Experience Design and User Interface Design
    2. Information Architecture & content production
  3. Develop & Release:
    1. MVP definition: what is minimally needed for the external go-live
    2. Develop, test, content implementation, SEO implementation, go-live
    3. Follow-up releases
  4. Manage & Activate:
    1. Launch campaign: attracting the first visitors (internal/external)
    2. Traffic generation
  5. Evaluate & build out:
    1. User Research, analytics
    2. Roadmap development: plan new features & release

Way of working

Each development project gets its own team, consisting of a consultant, project manager, UX designer, UI designer, developers, testers and digital marketers. We not only realize your website, but also take care of the maintenance and generation of traffic and leads.

Technology and maintenance

We work with CMS systems that suit your purpose. If your website will last for a number of years, we prefer to recommend CMS systems that are best-of-breed in the market, and which can be easily integrated with other marketing technology. If it's a short-lived campaign page, we naturally look at other systems that may be appropriate.

We also keep an eye on user-friendliness for your content marketers. Of course we can also help you with technical or content changes after your site has been created: our Service & Maintenance team is ready for you 24/7.

Industries we have experience in include:

  • Advanced /Chemical Materials & Systems
  • High Tech Systems
  • Banking & accountancy
  • Building materials & interior design
  • Education and Government 

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App development at TRIMM

Developing an app offers opportunities for organizations that focus on customer retention or want to grow their customer base. An app can also be an appropriate channel for organizations that want to get started with a completely new innovation.

Consider an app if you:

  • Want to offer your customers an additional channel to best serve them
  • Want to let your customers order products in an easy and efficient way
  • Have developed a new innovation that you want to get to work with
  • You want to optimize your business processes, for example by minimizing the paper flow
  • Provide your customers with important information on a frequent basis, possibly with the help of push notifications

Our app development team has years of experience developing apps for national and international organizations. We understand that your app is part of a broader set of marketing tools and IT systems, and that the combination of systems is the key to success.

TRIMM offers support in all phases of app development:

  • App concept development
    • Functionalities
    • Design
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Design
  • App strategy
    • Branding and communication
    • Launch and promotion
    • App Store / Play Store marketing: analytics and performance
    • In-app marketing
  • App development: an app as part of the digital landscape of your organisation
    • Development & testing
    • Launch
  • Maintenance
    • Updates
    • Upgrades
    • Measure performance
    • Implement improvements

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