Think of what it would be like if clients or partners could access sales-, marketing- and product data, 24/7, wherever in the world, filtered beforehand on relevance. This would save your partners and your company lots of time. Your partners will ask less questions and your sales force has fewer to answer.

A business portal connects all platforms in one interface with a central log in. This interface can be adjusted completely as wished so that your partners can work with it as efficiently as possible. Business portals will become indispensable in every sector in the upcoming years. With a business portal, your partners are optimally served in the field of sales and customer service. This will lift the way your partners interact with your organization to a higher level.

TRIMM started when the internet became available to the bigger public. Over more than 25 years we have seen and learned a lot about everything that has to do with business portals. We have implemented several impressive portals for our customers. You can surely leave it to TRIMM’s digital craftsmen to take your digital business to a higher level. Look into our portfolio and see more of our work. 

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