Concept & Design

Concept & design

To create a successful online concept, well performed research into your users’ behavior on your site, shop or app is of great importance. TRIMM  is the perfect partner to find out who your visitors are and what moves them. We ask questions to user panels and interview your target group to gain practical information within your market segment and field of work. The result are described in so-called customer journeys. Herein, pieces of actions and interaction moments are connected to  pieces of experience and these will be mapped. This will, in combination with a clear information structure, form the basis for your UX design.

Next, we use design to steer the actions and interaction moments of the customer journey. User experience design is one of the most important tools to make sure the customer journey flows well. The trick is to build a design in such a way that it that you will help and guide the user and in that way make sure that his visit to your site will become a pleasant experience. This way, a designer can make a normally tedious task, like filling out a long form, into a  feast.

Your site, app or shop has to look just as well as it technically performs. TRIMM’s people don’t call themselves digital craftsmen without a reason. A good design ensures a pleasant experience, which we find very important. What beauty actually is, we will find out for you. Nothing is ‘just’ beautiful. If we make something, we will also explain to you why it is beautiful and which strings it hits with the user: your customer.

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