Solar Team Eindhoven

Award winning documentary about Solar Team Eindhoven

Sharing all efforts before, during and after the World Solar Challenge in Australia with all those involved. With that assignment, TRIMM was sent on its way together with Solar Team Eindhoven. From the preparations and the production of the car, the Stella Lux, until the homage on the stage; we were there to capture it all. The documentary "World Solar Challenge: Reinventing the future" was rewarded with two AVA Digital Awards in the categories cinematography and documentary.

World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge takes place in Australia every two years. Participating teams have six days to drive from Darwin to Adelaide with cars they have designed and built themselves. The cars may only use solar energy from solar panels for the ride.

With the Stella Lux, Solar Team Eindhoven won the World Solar Challenge in the Cruiser Class.


solar team eindhoven documentary filming
solar team einhoven with stella lux

Daily video-updates

Once in Australia, all these moments were shared with the home front on a daily basis. Thijs Spit, motion designer at TRIMM about his experience in Australia: ‘We were an actual part of the team. This way we could record everything from the best positions during the day. At night we could edit the daily video-update, which gave a real insiders view of the event and the dynamics. A great way to keep all stakeholders updated about the developments within the team and the race.’

‘With this video you can transfer the impact and emotions as if you are actually there yourself’. Says Michiel Verheij, who was closely involved with the project. ‘This content can be shared by partners and sponsors through several channels. This way they can also use the video’s for their communication and show which contribution they delivered to the Solar Team. This way a unique happening is recorded for the coming years.’

Photography: Bart van Overbeeke

solar team eindhoven by night
solar team eindhoven documentary filming


The result of the project is a 75-minute, award winning documentary of the Cruiser Class champion. From the design process at Eindhoven until the finish in Australia. Thijs: "I am very proud that we could record all the efforts and emotions this way and share the experience with people who were not at the event.’

Liselotte Kockelkoren: ''With our car we want to show what the possibilities of sustainable mobility are and we want to inspire others to start innovating in technology. Because of this, it is important that our story is told in a professional, realistic and clear manner. This is quite a challenge since the development proces of the Stella Lux shows a lot of different aspects in the time frame of only one year. We are incredibly glad with the results TRIMM produced. The cameramen really became one with the team and we noticed they had 'fallen in love' with the Stella Lux by the end of the project just as much as we did.'' 

Are you curious about how we captured all the efforts and emotions during the road to succes of Solar Team Eindhoven? Watch the documentary!

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