Runner Assist

Runner Assist: realtime feedback on your running technique

Realtime feedback on your running technique to prevent injuries and simultaneously improving performance: that’s the goal of the joint project by TRIMM, Roessingh RRD, Xsens and Sensorun. With the help of an EFRO subsidy, the parties work on the first functioning prototype.


Innovation during the Enschede Marathon

The foundation is made by Xsens sensors, the algorithm of Roessingh RRD takes care of the interpretation of the data. TRIMM was assigned to design a mobile app and platform which give runners the possibility to get insight in the data during and after running. Sensorun will launch the product eventually.

Runner Assist TRIMM

As a part of the project, several TRIMM, Xsens and Roessingh employees ran the half Enschede Marathon in April 2018. This data is a first major test outside the laboratory, in which the technique of about 12 runners was analyzed.

As a marathon runner I know how important it is to prevent injuries and the difference a right running technique can make. That is one of the reasons which make a project like this very interesting to work on.

Janinka Feenstra, Product Owner at TRIMM

Unique parameters

Many different solutions are currently available in the market. The consortium wants to personalize the insights in the Runner Assist project, and expand them with unique parameters. Think of a measure of fatigue or the impact on your shins or ankles. That is precisely where the problems arise for many runners.

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