Philips Lighting Redesign

Crowd Sourced redesign Philips Lighting

Philips wanted to translate its new branding into a concept and design for an ultimate user experience on her digital footprint as a leader in the light industry. The new online experience in collaboration with thousands of Philips’ customers. Within nine months, about 45,000 pages were redesigned, build and validated with the users.

Philips Lighting focuses on a digital future

The light industry has changed a lot over past few years. With the introduction of LED technology and the increase of digital product concepts, the industry that was stable for years has been turned upside down. In order to remain leader in its industry, Philips lightning places a lot faith in a digital future. Having a functioning platform that is in accordance with the most recent wishes of its client is one of the cornerstones of this digital future.

Besides that, Philips launched its new brand design at the end of 2013. During the translation of these dynamics, Philips wanted to adjust the focus from online visibility to online engagement and sales. That factually means a total digital transformation with a lot of impact on existing processes, ways of work and (online) platforms.

Philips’ vision is that innovations need to be of value to both customers and users. To centralize direct online engagement, a selection of customers and users (8000 worldwide) will participate in a co-creation trajectory for a new online lighting platform.

Through an extensive analysis of the customer journey for the various Philips Lighting target groups, requirement are collected that will form the basis of the new engagement platform.


The new platform serves the purpose to generate leads, increase online sales, to inspire and to involve customers in a brand new digital experience.

  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Double the amount of leads
  • Increase of conversion to sales
  • Increase NPS score
  • Increase the number of active customer on platforms

This project has various characteristics that contributed to the design and construction of the platform.

  • More than 8000 customer/users came up with input
  • 1800 user requirements
  • 200 internal stakeholders
  • Worldwide organization and implementation
  • Took only 9 months to produce

Multidisciplinary team

From the beginning, the work was done in a multidisciplinary team, consisting of different parties and end users. This was done to, from an early stage on, let the development be coherent with the concept & design trajectory.

The key factor for success with a crowd-sourced online engagement platform was intensive cooperation:

  • Cooperation by collecting input with the crowd
  • Cooperation in inventing and developing design concepts
  • Cooperation in collecting feedback
  • Cooperation in walking through the 5 iterations of a concept design through a beta environment in the new Philips look & feel

The outcome of the project can be summarized as follows: trough stories about light and what is does to people, target groups are inspired on the website. Via personal portals customers are being helped in their own language with orders and questions. The art to get this done is connection multiple systems and environments with each other closely, so customer go through one experience.

The new platform has been realized by an agile approach. A component-based approach was chosen, in which developed functionality is easier to re-use in the different fields Philips is active in.

Philips Redesign

  • A lot of appreciation from customers and internal stakeholders on the new platform

  • +/ 45,000 product pages redesigned and developed and all products reachable in a few moments
  • User-goal-completion rate improved by 35%
  • SEO rankings improved 40% in a very short amount of time

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