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Online platform ‘My Technology Portal’ delivers superior B2B sales interaction

Looking to improve B2B customer engagement and service by using an online platform that makes it easy for OEM customers to do business while also giving account managers greater insight into their sales? That’s exactly the challenge Philips Lighting approached us with. So we used our experience in portal development to create a reliable, innovative solution with a focus on superior user experience - in line with Philips Lighting’s approach to customer care.


Philips requested an online platform with a central login for OEM customers, giving them a complete overview of all orders, requested samples, and upcoming product launches. Additionally, customers should have easy and quick access to technical information, and should be able to ask direct questions to account managers or platform managers.

Prior to this project, much of the information they needed was available only through contact with their designated account manager. An online platform innovates this process and makes it more efficient.

This is where TRIMM’s experience came in: we immediately decided to introduce an element of self-service. When done right, it creates a user experience improvement even in a B2B environment. All necessary information becomes readily available to request and review at any time, giving customers the information they want when they need it. This in turn frees up valuable time for account managers, allowing them to dedicate more time to specific questions and customer care.

When we at Philips think about ‘Innovation’ we don’t have a specific product or service in mind but an attitude that reflects in everything we do for our customers. B2B customers on the lighting market are looking for a business partner who is reliable and innovative at the same time. We always had the right commitment to be this partner, now we also have the right tool!

philips oem portal on mobile

Goals of this project

  • Create a shielded portal that allows OEM customers to work with Philips Lighting in a simple, efficient manner
  • Set up the portal as the starting point for all interactions between OEM account managers and their clients 
  • Improve time to market by enabling superior interaction and knowledge sharing between clients and account managers through the platform
  • Ensure reduction of operational costs for account management and sales support

Magnolia CMS

Prior to starting development, we conducted a thorough study of the sales process at the commercial, functional and technical level. The results proved essential to the development and rollout of the portal.

TRIMM developed the portal in Magnolia CMS. The ‘My Technology Portal’ turned out as a dashboard that offers a multitude of different functionalities through widgets. This allows the client to see which orders have been placed, which samples have been requested, and which product launches are coming up. Consulting technical information and asking direct questions to account managers is also possible.


Communication with OEM clients is now centralized with a single access point: the My Technology Portal. Client research shows that OEM clients are very satisfied with this Gold Marcom Award winning portal, with the number of clients using the portal on multiple occasions growing steadily.

Account managers and customers alike experience a much more efficient workflow. This finding is supported by early studies demonstrating an increase in cost savings. In short, the My Technology Portal results in a more qualitative user experience for clients, and a more efficient workflow for account managers.

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