Philips LED savings calculator


Philips LED Savings Calculator

The Philips LED Savings Calculator allows consumers around the world to calculate how much they could save on their energy bill by switching to LED lights. The application then allows users to immediately purchase the right LED products to enable these savings.

International web application

The LED Savings Calculator was designed to helps users choose to switch to Philips LED lights. The application achieves this by making users aware of the yearly cost savings on their energy bill, and offering them an alternative to the lightbulbs they currently use. Philips called on TRIMM to help design and develop this tool.

The application is intended for an international audience, and also had to be easy for both technical and non-technical users to use. To achieve this goal, we used buyer personas to keep track of the different user needs.

philips led savings calculator

Agile process

Following a two-month agile development process, the result is a fully responsive web-based application, optimized for use on desktop, mobile, and tablets. The app has a clean interface that is intuitive to use. By keeping interface elements to a minimum, it delivers a streamlined user experience.

The LED Savings Calculator is connected with Philips’ product database through a tailored piece of middleware. The application syncs with the database at regular intervals, ensuring that consumers around the globe always have access to the most up to date product information. What’s more, the tool is available in 59 different countries with a unique product portfolio for each country. This results in a combined product offering of over 5000 LED lights, each of which can be suggested to the end user.

The use of a ‘continuous Integration’ technique enables single-click updates, while smart analytics tools like Sonarqube continuously monitor code quality. Because the application is split up into an API and a front-end, these can happen separately. Additionally, the open API allows e-tailers to easily implement the tool into their own websites or platforms, maximizing reach. In this way, a single application can have impact across the entire value chain.

The development process required close collaboration with several Philips’ departments, including the branding desk, legal services, and digital services. Their assistance ensured that the application met the highest quality standards.

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