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Digital Transformation of Philips Lighting’s HUE platform

TRIMM and Philips Lighting have worked together to realise a complete transformation of the HUE portfolio in terms of online visibility, engagement, and sales. In just four months, HUE’s digital channels have been completely revamped, and the changes were implemented in fourteen different countries. As a result conversion rates for both Philips own sales channels and associated online retailers have doubled.

The lighting industry has changed dramatically in recent years due to the arrival of LED technology and digital product concepts. Philips Lighting is investing heavily in digital communications to transform online visibility into online engagement and sales.

The HUE experience

We set out to recreate the wonderful experience of the colourful and innovative HUE lights in the new Meethue web pages and shops. The digital channels had to evoke emotional customer propositions which urged visitors to make a purchase. This naturally meant less focus on the properties of the innovative lights, and more focus on the user experience as a way to achieve conversion. This translated into powerful messages like: “Turn on your moments”, “Turn on your peace of mind”, and “Turn on your imagination”.

Philips Lighting asked TRIMM to position the HUE lights in the market in a way that stood out. Previously, HUE was exclusively sold through official dealers. Now, HUE products are also available for purchase directly from Philips Lighting, through a new web shop that has been localized for a variety of different countries including France and the USA. This was a new way of doing business for HUE and had a tremendous impact on existing processes and procedures.

We also adapted the HUE brand proposition. This required a complete make-over of the HUE digital platform, limited by a four month time frame to allow for a simultaneous launch with a range of new HUE products. Within this time frame, TRIMM developed, built, implemented, and rolled out the digital concept in fourteen countries.

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Multidisciplinary project

In order to shape the new HUE brand proposition, TRIMM built the online platform around the most important value propositions for end users. To achieve this, we cooperated very closely with the Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Customer Service and IT departments.

Additionally, we worked with several multidisciplinary scrum teams on interaction design, graphic design and development of both the front-end and the back-end of the platform. Content was produced by Philips and implemented by TRIMM.

The results are fantastic. The platform was rolled out within four months, in fourteen different markets. Philips Lighting rated this outcome as “Outstanding”. As a result, the project is being used as a benchmark for future activities.

The customer journey was improved significantly, highlighted by:

  • Doubling of conversion rate towards sales pages

  • Fantastic turnover in the first shops

  • Bounce rates plummeting, and even cut in half for the most visited page

  • Positive user feedback

  • Significant increase in time spent on site

The revamped digital platform is also being used to launch new campaigns in local markets. These utilize built-in components, so additional development is not required.

In a short amount of time nearly all business processes were affected: product development, supply chain, marketing and communications, sales, and customer service. The impact was enormous. The end results made it abundantly clear that Philips Lighting is able to give itself a tremendous push with the HUE portfolio, as well as realize a complete digital transformation with TRIMM’s assistance. It’s clear that the focus on emotive customer propositions which encourage clients to purchase is a successful one.

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