Online Flight Case Configurator Leads to Efficiency Gains for ProFlite

ProFlite designs and produces tailor-made flight cases that can be ordered at combines an online store with a configurator and automated workflow. At customers can order flight case parts and tailor-made flight cases: from flight cases for drum sets to complete casing solutions for all the automotive tools of a racing team. ProFlite was looking for a business accelerator that could make the assembly of flight cases as simple as possible.


The Challenge

The goal of is to make it as simple as possible for visitors to order flight case parts and tailor-made flight cases. Designing and ordering flight cases is done by means of a uniform and easy-to-use 3D product configurator. Not only should the configurator be compatible with the internal platform, but also with external platforms and third-party environments.


The result: a unique application and improved efficiency

The 3D product configurator developed by TRIMM allows users to design, adjust, and order tailor-made flight cases. The configurator is found on, but can also be used on external platforms.

The configurator was developed in AngularJS. This is one of the most widely-used JavaScript frameworks for creating mobile and desktop web-applications. Also, is embedded in Magento 2, allowing the application of e-commerce.

A unique feature is that the application works seamlessly with the production systems of ProFlite, ensuring that customers have their flight case delivered at home within five workdays. This is a direct improvement of the customer journey and an efficiency gain for ProFlite. Once ordered the product is assembled immediately.

By combining our technology and product knowledge with design and marketing our collaboration has become a success

Martijn Huinink, Technical Director ProFlite

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