NXP Digital video platform

NXP Digital video platform

A fully integrated digital concept to reinforce the thought leadership positioning  of NXP semiconductors. The modular video platform allows the user to create customized videos that can be used on any mobile device. The result is an efficient and accessible video platform with high-quality recorded images.

New vision NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is one of the leading high-tech companies in the Netherlands. Listed on the Nasdaq and a revenue of 5,65 billion dollar, places NXP among the top 15 chip manufacturers in the world.

Over the past five years, NXP has shifted from product focus to solution focus in the positioning. With technological development as the driving force of our society, NXP uses the knowledge and development in the field of connected car, portable & wearable, internet of things and security.

With a leading position in the market, NXP wanted to have a vision for the communication and marketing activities, in order to distinguish themselves in the market. The vision is processed in a corporate movie that is different from all other corporate videos – in concept and execution – and distributed in a unique way.

The video concept aims to create an authentic representation of the vision of NXP on the four most important trends in the world. Packaged in a modular principle that makes it possible to structure the total corporate video according to the situation. As well as the expansion or change under the influence of rapid market developments. The videos must be compatible with devices from all over the world. As a result, the video platform is more than just a single asset and adapts to different goals and target groups. Together with our sister company GriDD we developed this concept.

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A twofold project

The entire project was divided into the video production and the platform itself.

The video production

Concept and story are the foundation of the entire production. Because all video modules were recorded without an extensive script, there was the freedom to put the authenticity in a ‘run and gun’ style. Inspired by Cinéma vérité, all main characters were interviewed in a documentary style. The production team has moved between London, Signapore, Eindhoven and San Jose (USA). The production team also received logistical support from the home base and regional support from the local authorities. The result is an authentic representation of the employees from NXP who give their personal vision about secure connections for a smarter world.

Development of digital platform

A platform has been developed to make all video modules available, in which the user compiles a company video. The video can be adapted for different purposes. By working with a video platform, NXP can quickly anticipate course changes without the urge to completely reproduce the complete videos. All video combinations are generated individually. This is a must for the multitude of screen sizes in the Asian market. For this purpose, a tailor-made platform has been developed that fits within the NXP infrastructure. It meets the high security requirements and efficiently handles available bandwidth. Intro:

  • NXP employees and relations are very enthusiastic about the videos and the platform.
  • 20000 views in the first month after launch.
  • Compound videos are frequently used both internally and externally for presentations.
  • An enormous cost saving due to simple possibilities for reuse and expansion.

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