Nexperia: the launch of a new brand

Nexperia is a semiconductor company, a dedicated global leader in discretes, Logic and MOSFET devices. It’s a new company with a long history, broad experience and a global customer base. Originally part of Philips and then NXP Semiconductors in 2006, the name Nexperia was used for an NXP business unit. When time came for NXP to divest its standard products business, Nexperia became an independent company in the beginning of 2017.

Efficiency wins

The primary goal was to launch Nexperia as a new company that stands out in efficiency of its products and customer experience. Nexperia strives to create the best possible user experience focused on engineers. The company produces millions of electronics devices. Their customer base relies on accurate information available anywhere in the world. Therefore, Nexperia’s global and local editors must be able to place and edit information updates and news fast and without the help of developers to put it online.

Nexperia wants this website to be the favorite tool on their customer’s workbench: fast and easy access to its extensive product portfolio and its accompanying information. The company’s brand promise is “Efficiency wins”. The website reflects this brand promise.

The connection with TRIMM

As a B2B online specialist, TRIMM had already acquired extensive knowledge in the semiconductor field with Nexperia’s predecessors: Philips Semiconductors and NXP. Years of experience means years of familiarization with Nexperia’s end users. That’s also why they became Nexperia’s designated web partner. 

Together with Nexperia’s digital marketing team, we were able to setup a digital environment completely focused around customer centeredness and efficiency. Working with Magnolia helped us to achieve this result by speeding up the process, integrating with other platforms and securing a high quality and stability of the website foundation.

Rogier Florijn, TRIMM, Webpartner Nexperia

The challenge

To migrate information on 12000 products and content to a global and multi-lingual platform in a limited timeframe while launching Nexperia as a new semiconductor brand without disregarding the needs of the end users.

Positioning themselves as “The Efficiency Company” with one of the largest product portfolios in the market, Nexperia needed a platform that provides speed, agility and reach.

Being a leader in their field, Nexperia believes that “Efficiency Wins”. Magnolia and TRIMM provide them with the right tools and proficiency to take this this to the web and helps them boost sales.

nexperia case efficiency wins

The solution

New yet familiar UX

We have used trusted processes and encased them in the new Magnolia system. Based on that, we have created the user experience: A to-the-point and more functional design that reflects Nexperia’s core values with direct access to search. Also, we have re-instated famed tools familiar to product designers and engineers around the world, such as the much-loved Parametric Search.

Transparency in use

Magnolia’s transparent and user-friendly platform enables Nexperia’s editors to take on a more agile approach towards content creation. They can create, edit and experiment by themselves without the aid of a developer. This means more potential development time for innovation and improvements.


All product information will be available globally. Local markets will be served with localized and translated information if necessary.

Magnolia provided us with an efficient solution in which we connect our internal product information management (PIM) system to our public website. One of the key features of Magnolia is that it does not require to store all your published data in the CMS, it’s easy to integrate data from another business systems. Such a solution brings down the costs of maintenance and speeds up the publication time.


The result

A new website

We have launched a new website that focusses on engineers as the main target group. Being transparent and modular as it is, Magnolia enables both Nexperia and TRIMM to create a flexible online experience.

The much-loved parametric search tool, familiar to many was seamlessly integrated as well as many other custom features.


Magnolia’s built-in multilanguage support enabled easy setup of structure and management. We were able to import and export XLIFF and Excel formats. Configuring workflows for adding translations to accommodate various translation agencies, went like a breeze. Translations can even be validated from within the system before they are put online.

The bottom line

This website helps Nexperia’s customers to easily find the right products for their design and get technical support whenever they need it. This way, Nexperia establishes herself as an efficient and trustworthy design partner delivering high-quality products.

nexperia case parametric search

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