MELEDI, a new online identity and webshop

With 9 branches across the Netherlands and Germany, MELEDI is one of the largest catering wholesalers. The question from MELEDI for TRIMM was to develop a website and product catalog that clearly displays the MELEDI products.

The main focus points were:

  • A web design in accordance with the new house style as a result of the re-branding process. The new MELEDI look also had to be visible online.
  • The simplification of the online product catalog. Different systems were previously used to keep the product catalog up-to-date on the website and in the physical stores. Besides the fact that it is time consuming to keep both systems consistent, there is also a chance that errors will occur and the system does not match. Hence the need from MELEDI to work with one single system.
  • The products must be displayed as ‘heroes’. The first visit to the MELEDI website should make clear that all products are the MELEDI ‘heroes’. In other words: the products are central.

Goal of the new website

MELEDI wanted to give the new website the same mature and professional appearance as the physical stores. The website is more in line with the new identity of MELEDI. In addition, it is important to keep informing customers about promotional actions and innovations within the assortment.


A professional appearance for MELEDI

TRIMM delivered a completely new website for MELEDI that consists of product landing pages, product overview pages and product detail pages. MELEDI has the possibility to compose the pages themselves with product information, call-to-actions and forms. The new MELEDI website has been given a new, mature and professional look.

In addition, TRIMM has ensured that the product information is available in one system that automatically synchronizes with the website and the prices in the store. This means that fewer manual actions are required to keep the product catalog up-to-date. This does not only save time, but also many differences in the system.

In the product catalog, there is a ‘smart’ search function available. When a visitor searches with certain product properties in the search bar, the system shows all products that have to do with the entered search properties.

In collaboration with MELEDI, we continuously investigate the results of the website and how we can improve the performance of the website.

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