Deal-IT 3.0 business portal

Deal-IT 3.0 business portal – an all-in-one solution for KPN

Until recently, KPN’s business partners had to deal with a loose collection of services bundled together under their “Deal-IT 2.0” business portal. This suffered from a lack of integration and often meant partners still had to get in touch with the service department to obtain insights or information. Working with TRIMM to upgrade their business portal to a fully integrated Deal-IT 3.0” business portal, has brought real benefits in terms of time and effort for both KPN and their partners. KPN called the TRIMM-developed business portal “a new milestone in the services provided to our business partners”.

The business market

KPN sells its services for businesses largely through its partner channel, the Business Partner Organization (BPO). This channel chiefly consists of companies that are not part of KPN, but do sell their services. For relevant information, partners previously used the business portal “Deal-IT 2.0” – a loose collection of applications suffering from a lack of integration and often without the same look and feel. The result was not all partners really used the portal and the service department still had to deal with a lot of manual requests for information and insights.

In order to make business dealings with clients more efficient for KPN BPO’s partners, the decision was made to create an integrated portal which contains all relevant information in a central location.

TRIMM developed this new business portal “Deal-IT 3.0” in close collaboration with KPN. Deal-IT 3.0 is loaded with new features, but importantly they are all fully integrated. In short, this portal heralds the starts of a new digital age for KPN’s business partners.

Deal-IT 3.0 delivers more

The most important improvements that Deal-IT 3.0 delivers according to KPN and their business partners are:

  • Replaces a separate newsletter with an integrated news portal. The information is displayed before the log-in screen, making it very difficult to miss but also allowing partners to catch all news items with a single glance.

  • Supports users with Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM), automatically displaying notifications when new sales opportunities arise.

  • Helps the move from fixed contacts at the service desk towards self-management. Partners can now autonomously access information regarding deals, orders, deliveries and rewards. What’s more, all of these modules are fully integrated

  • Integrates an efficient support request system. The contact form is linked to the CRM-system, which ensures that questions end up with the exact person capable of answering them. It also contains built-in chat functionality, enabling direct contact between the service desk and business partners for urgent matters.

A milestone in the services

KPN is incredibly happy with the results and called Deal-IT 3.0 a milestone in the services provided to their business partners. The new business portal was successfully designed to be a much closer match with KPN’s look and feel. Usability is multiple times better than the previous portal, as it allows partners to work much more autonomously and efficiently. This results in marked time-savings for both KPN’s service desk and its partners. Likewise, the integration of all apps made a lot of manual actions redundant and also frees up plenty of valuable time.

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