Kornuit, Made of Moments

Made of Moments: the campaign of Kornuit. The beer brand wants to focus on a new generation of beer drinkers, the urban youngsters. This new generation is driven to get the most out of life, where special experiences play a more important role than money or status. In order to provide optimal support to the campaign and target group, Grolsch asked TRIMM to create a suitable platform for online campaigns for Kornuit.

One of the biggest challenges in this project lies in the colors and matching the website with the campaign and target group. The target group of Kornuit, the Urban Youngsters, has an important characteristic, in which mobile-first design comes first.


  • Product supplied: website Kornuit
  • Technology: Magnolia
  • Client: Grolsch
  • Design: Mobile-first
  • Scroll function: mobile horizontalswipe

The Urban Youngsters

Kornuit is a hip, young beer brand that makes a statement and is geared towards urban youngsters. That is why the focus is on mobile-first design. A great challenge for us to apply the right responsive front-end technologies. The results show that more than 70% of the visitors see Kornuit via a smartphone. In short, a great result of that we are proud of!

Magnolia, the perfect platform for Grolsch and Kornuit

Grolsch has selected TRIMM as their partner for the online platforms. Magnolia was chosen as CMS platform. This choice enables Grolsch to manage Kornuit and its other brands unambiguously. The advantage of Magnolia as CMS is the scalability, user-friendliness and the possibility to reuse components and content. Because of these features Kornuit can easily offer the content to the target group and easily keep it up-to-date.

The new Kornuit website is not a traditional website. Together with TRIMM, we have created a content platform that is fully geared to the wishes and needs of the Kornuit target group. With the appropriate technologies. For example, we use a swipe technology where consumers can quickly swipe through the content.


Responsive website

The unique functionality of the Kornuit site is the mobile-first philosophy, a strategy focused on designing and building responsive websites. The mobile version of the website, therefore, has a horizontal-swipe component, making it easy to scroll through content. In addition, the other functions of the website are optimally designed for mobile use, so that the user experience remains excellent.

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