Johma - 'Lekkers oet Twente Box'

Johma - 'Lekkers oet Twente Box'

Along with Johma and our design agency Skybox we created a unique concept: the 'Lekkers Oet Twente box'. The box introduces students who (will) study in Twente to all the good things Twente has to offer.

The purpose of the action: connecting students to the region of Twente.  A digital marketing campaign has been set up within a short period of time to promote the box to the target group.


  • Challenge: introduce the Johma salads to young students
  • Crafts: digital marketing, photography & video
  • Powered byTRIMMSkybox, Annabel Jeuring fotografie

Activation of the target group

The digital campaign of the 'Lekkers oet Twente Box' had a specific goal: generating as much as possible qualitative sign-ups. To achieve this, our digital marketing team started with a thorough investigation of the target group. Then we've set up an activation plan and social media campaign. To generate maximum exposure for the action, and to prevent the target group from being confronted with the same advertisements more than once, a phased approach was used. The target group was triggered at multiple moments to order the unique box with different types of content, through a unique website that was developed to support this campaign.

Millenials: photography and video

Research* shows that millenials have a visual orientation: 80% prefer to consult videos for information. To achieve an optimal result, we decided to use both photography and video for the campaign. By using two different videos on Instagram, Instagram stories and Snap Ads, the target group is activated to visit the website of the Lekkers oet Twente box and to order the box. Email marketing was used to maintain the ultimate connection with the target group.

* Source: Sprout 


Authenticity is one of the key aspects in life according to the target group. To stay as close as possible to the Johma brand, all communication messages are designed according to the corporate identity of Johma, and the target group. We also consciously decided to make the visual material with real students in student houses, to ensure that the target group is able to identify with the campaign. The images are processed throughout the entire campaign, from website to Instagram post

The campaign is a success!

The goal of the campaign was at least 1000 registrations. In the end, more than 1100 signups were generated. A great result! In addition, this campaign enabled us to reach at least 34,000 people from Twente via the online advertised channels. We are satisfied with this end result together with Johma: and look forward to new campaigns in the future! 

In a very short time frame, we've been able to set up and roll out a complete digital marketing campaign, with fantastic results. The unique content that's presented to the target group has contributed enormously!

Cynthia Kuipers - Digital Marketeer at TRIMM

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