Grolsch horeca portal

Digital platform Grolsch supports catering industry with self-care and data

For Grolsch we designed and developed Grolsch horeca portal. On this innovative, online platform, Grolsch supports its catering entrepreneurs with self-care, data and the data analyzes that accompanies it.

Because this eases the burden of Grolsch's account managers greatly, it creates more room for them to do their actual work.
With this platform, Grolsch offers catering companies personal attention and the tools to grow in a more targeted manner.



With a wide portfolio of brands and beers, Koninklijke Grolsch operates in a fairly traditional market in which catering and retail are the main channels. However, the role of digital and e-commerce is slowly growing.
Expectations are increasing noticeably in the B2B world. Just as catering entrepreneurs are used to arranging everything with self-service solutions in their private life, Grolsch in its B2B environment could hardly ignore a digital platform on which all its internal disciplines come together.
The starting point for the online platform was to create an extension of the relationship between Grolsch and its B2B customers, the catering entrepreneurs. The portal had to offer advantages for both Grolsch and its B2B customers:
  • Gain more business from existing relationships.
  • Dealing with customer questions more efficiently and 24/7.
  • Less intervention by the account manager, so that they have more space to add new value to the customer relationship.
  • Bringing different internal departments closer.
  • Creating a single point of entry by bringing all online tooling together in one central location.


Where catering entrepreneurs used to call their account manager, nowadays an optimized and personalized user experience is becoming the standard.
By developing a self-service portal to which all backend systems are connected, there is now a digital one-stop shop. For the sales of beer, the design and planning of the available faucets, the request for merchandise or event material, the following of training courses and all other functionalities that fit in reducing the administrative burden.
But bundling internal services and thus adding convenience is only one side of the added value. More importantly, the platform creates additional customer value. Because all internal systems are now linked, Grolsch can offer functionalities for business intelligence in the portal. Data and analyzes ensure that catering companies can receive proactive business advice. Where previously only the account manager had benchmarks, the entrepreneurs are now able to gain data insights themselves.
Is product sales lagging behind the average? Among other things, the analyzes make clear how companies perform and where there are opportunities to grow.
This changes the role of the account manager noticeably; it will give them more room to focus on what they are really good at: looking for opportunities for both Grolsch and the catering entrepreneur.
Because the platform is built from the user journeys of the different users, the portal supports the account manager seamlessly in his or her daily work. For example, the account manager has all the information and tooling available in one place to prepare, conduct and conclude a visit.

Additional information

During development, we also chose to build in functionalities that enable account managers to send targeted notifications to their clients. If Grolsch launches a product that the account manager would like to bring to the attention of a type of customer, customer segment or in a specific area in a personal manner, then for example an e-mail or SMS could be sent to this total segment. Account managers are the right people to determine where value can be added in the relationship. The platform facilitates this.
The fact that the platform supports its users in their daily work is immediately tangible in the organization at Grolsch: an older account manager who is not very keen on digital resources, now fills out 99% of his visit reports via the online portal.

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