Digital craftsmanship for Grolsch

Early 2018, the beer brewing company Grolsch started their new campaign in the Netherlands: Proef Karakter (Taste Character). This campaign shows Grolsch to be the most idiosyncratic, characterful beer of the Netherlands. In order to support the 'Proef Karakter' campaign, and the new campaigns of the entire Grolsch portfolio, Grolsch opted for digital craftmanship from TRIMM.

The taste of character

Grolsch is known for 400 years of craftsmanship and mastership, its iconic beer bottle and many craft beers. Grolsch has been brewing beer with carefully selected inredients, based on strong conviction. Grolsch is for everyone who knows what they stand for, and what they believe in. For the individuals who doesn't need to prove themselves to anyone. Grolsch's target group tastes character and has a suitable beer for every occasion, brewed with passion and craftmanship.

Consumer first

The new Grolsch website is optimally designed for the consumer and serves as a true Content Hub, which creates added value for the visitors. The platform offers various features such as; information about Grolsch's beers, the reservation of a tasting session, the purchase of Grolsch merchandise, and the booking of a tour through the Grolsch brewery. The website is an extension of the identity and campaigns of Grolsch, to give consumers the opportunity to experience the brand online.

The new website fits in seamlessly with the new identity of Grolsch. Grolsch has grown in character and craftsmanship, also with their new online platform!

Nikki de Wals, User Experience Designer TRIMM

Flexible content management

In order to give Grolsch complete control over the digital platform, all Grolsch brand portfolios are integrated into Magnolia. The strength of Magnolia are strong integrations with other systems, such as CRM, ERP and marketing/sales tooling, and a very user-friendly content management basis. This basis makes it easy for marketers to implement, modify and publish content. This is partly due to the functionality of 'in page' editing. This gives Grolsch marketers all the flexibility and freedom in the field of content management.

Craftsmanship meets craftsmanship

The brewery of Grolsch was located in Roombeek, exactly on the grounds where the office of TRIMM is located nowadays. We are working every day with more than 110 digital specialists with full dedication to help our customers achieve their goals. In a way that value is added for everyone: digital is our craftsmanship. This completes the circle between Grolsch and TRIMM: craftsmanship meets craftsmanship. 

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