FBK Games

The digital experience of the FBK Games

The goal of the FBK Games: making the event even more attractive to for a broader audience. Morskieft Ontwerpers created a completely new visual identity, and TRIMM developed a new website and app with the digital experience centralized. TRIMM also created effective video content and created a base for the digital marketing module. Together we created the ultimate experience of the FBK Games!


Ready for the future

The new website of FBK Games is based on Magnolia. This platform is ideal for the control of the app, and future-proof due to the modular set-up in components and Magnolia apps. The chosen architecture ensures that event organizers can manage and control the content of the app from Magnolia. There are start lists of athletes that can be enriched with content, and there is the possibility to manage and post push messages to the people in the audience. Magnolia is also very user-friendly for both developer and content editor.

As a fanatic runner, I'm enjoying my runs every week in the FBK stadium, together with one of the employees of the FBK Games. It's wonderful to be able to combine your personal passion in a project like this!

Janinka Feenstra - Product Owner TRIMM

Digital experience with video

Video plays an important role in the new platform. A large video header on the website will immediately give you a taste of the atmosphere in the FBK stadium. On the website it's a looping variant is added, to give the digital visitor the same experience as the visitor in the stadium. For the online promotion we've set up a promo video, you can find it below. 

FBK Games app

During the event, the app provides insight into the program, the starting athletes and their season times, the results and the push messages from the organization. Also, the latest news can be found in the app. The FBK Games app is available for Android and Apple.

TRIMM has deliberately signed a sponsor contract for several years with FBK Games so that further development of the app is possible. New features such as 'virtual racing against top athletes' are scheduled. 

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