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New website for De Jong & Laan: focus on transparency & user experience

During the development of the new De Jong & Laan website their key values ‘transparency’ and ‘human focus’ were at the center. TRIMM made a new corporate website while working very closely with De Jong & Laan, pleasing both them and their customers!


De Jong & Laan accountancy firm was in need of a new corporate website. During the development, the goal was to put emphasis on their main corporate values: transparency, focus on people and their open culture. Besides that, their wish was to centralize the end-user during the entire process, to assure a better user experience.


In order to get a good view of the target audience and their needs various workshops took place before starting with the design. The first workshop was about persona’s. This was done to map out the different types of end users. After this there was a workshop about the buyer journey which allowed the wishes and needs for every persona to be defined. What followed was the brand attributes workshop in which the terminus a quo of the website was formulated in just one sentence. The last workshop was about story mapping; all desired functionalities of the website were mapped out as separate stories.

It’s very cool to see that the experience you initially emphasize, in our case a people-focused and authentic one, is really regarded that way by our visitors.


Design sprint

In this project we worked with a design sprint: a sprint fully focused on the design of the website. During a design sprint you build a fully working and tested prototype of the website in just five days. We had very intense contact with De Jong & Laan in this week which gave the team a lot of focus. The designs we made for De Jong & Laan during this sprint were right at the first shot because of the good preparation and the intense cooperation.


Website matches with core values of De Jong & Laan

The end-result is a new corporate website fully in line with the key values of De Jong & Laan. The website, built in Magnolia, shows the people behind De Jong & Laan and is much quieter and more coherent than the previous one. User testing showed us that it has become much easier for the end-user to work with the website. On top of that, it has become easier for De Jong & Laan to maintain the website. Pages can easily be built with the aid of modular components, which is very user friendly. In the end De Jong & Laan obtained a very person and highly user-friendly website which they can exploit for years.

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