Damco positions itself as thought leader with a curated news portal

Being smart about digital business development and marketing, results in a maximum exposure within the target audiences. By developing, building and maintaining a curated news portal, TRIMM is helping Damco to achieve their marketing strategy and marketing automation goals.

Acccording to Michael Kriek, digital marketing manager at Damco, "Without relevant content, it is almost impossible to be successful with your marketing strategy. Our audience expects us to keep them informed of relevant insights and the latest news in our field. Therefore, we launched retaillogistics.guru, the world's first independent news platform targeted specifically at logistics services professionals.” 

He continued, retaillogistics.guru collects the most important news in the field all in one place, including recently published news reports, trends and opinion pieces. Content curation and marketing automation save us a lot of time, but we always manually select which messages are published to guarantee that all the content we curate is relevant and of the highest quality."

Independent curated platform about logistic services

Damco is a market leader in the field of logistics and supply chain management. In the logistics services market, managers have a great need for information. They often operate in many countries and need to deal with different financial systems and regulations. However, information about this particular market could not be found in one place. Damco decided to create an independent curated platform where all online content about logistics services could be easily found in one place. They asked TRIMM to create a system that could track down the large amount of fragmented content, easily review it and share it with the rest of the world.

The role of TRIMM

To ensure that the content curation really contributed to Damco's digital business development, we worked together with Damco to develop a strategy in which the platform would contribute to the company’s marketing objectives. These consisted mainly of creating awareness of the Damco brand and positioning Damco as a knowledge leader with the target group. We then set up a platform with a logical structure, where content could be published by a target group from one system: Curata. 

Curata is an intelligent and comprehensive platform that learns from its users. The system searches for information that matches with previously curated content, ultimately saving a lot of time. As more and more content is curated, the system gets better at finding quality content. And by integrating it with the Copernica marketing automation system, Damco can also offer personalized content to its audience, further increasing the relevance of the platform.

The knowledge leader of logistic services

By setting up retaillogistics.guru, Damco has positioned itself as the thought leader in the field of logistic services. The target audience has already indicated that it is fantastic, making it easy for them to find all information they need in one place. This content marketing approach has not only increased Damco's credibility; it’s producing concrete leads for Damco with many users signing up for their newsletter. These leads are also fundamental for future customer engagement. In addition, several candidates indicated in interviews that the fact Damco is engaged in such activities was a key differentiator in applying to work with them.

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