Plan to realize digital transformation for Coulisse

Since 1992, Coulisse has created inspiring window coverings. Based on the belief that window coverings are so much more than just a functional product, they develop fast-forward collections, innovative systems and smart technology.

Coulisse came to TRIMM with the question if we wanted to help drawing up a plan to realize the digital transformation of Coulisse and to define the conditions for selecting a portal builder.

Way of working

We started off by conducting interviews with employees and the management of Coulisse. In this way an inventory was made of how the company stands in terms of organization, processes and technology in relation to a to be built portal.

We zoomed in on the processes because it is very difficult to determine which technology should be used if there is no clear picture of it. We also looked at how the organisation is set up. Without the right set-up of the organisation, the processes cannot be designed properly and the technology will be less profitable. To conclude, there was a discussion with the supplier of the e-commerce tooling that is currently used and with the supplier of the middleware. Based on all the information obtained, Ist and Soll visualizations were made of the desired landscape.

In a few months, we converted our ideas into a concrete roadmap for our customer portal. Together with TRIMM, we approached this holistically from the angle of business, information and technology. This now helps us accelerate implementation and to keep our priorities on track.

Hugo Gerritsen, Information Management Coulisse


A final report was delivered that served as input for both the management team and a briefing for agencies selected to build the new portal. In addition to the rational aspects, the advice also takes into account the culture of the organisation.


Based on the final report, the client obtained a clear picture of how digital/online contributes to the parent commercial and organizational business objectives. A roadmap has been developed with planning, resourcing and budgeting. Aspects that were implicit for the client for a long time have been made explicit and concrete through this strategic advisory process.

The UX designs have contributed to making the desired business functionality visible. In addition, the landscape of the organization has been made visual so that this is now tangible for the employees.


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