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Brocacef: together as one

It's Brocacef's ambition to become the number one healthcare partner that people deliberately choose by 2022. In addition, Brocacef wants to grow into a digital and data-driven organization. The big challenge here is: how does the company create a website that matches this ambition, and transform it into a lead generator? And how to translate it's mission: smart, personal care into the digital world?

The result of this project: a responsive online platform where the target group and its tasks are central and where the propositions of different business units are presented jointly and clearly.


  • Crafts: UX strategy, UX design, marketing automation, content creation, and development
  • Challenge: centralization platforms, product recognition
  • Collaborating companies: TRIMM, GriDD, Caesar Experts
  • Technology: Sitecore 9 combined with SXA, integration with Emply

Leading market player in the pharmaceutical chain

Brocacef stands for more than 200 years of experience in healthcare and entrepreneurship. The organisation is active throughout the pharmaceutical chain, and therefore holds a unique position in Dutch pharmaceutical care, both for healthcare consumers and for the business market. This makes Brocacef the industry leader in their field.

From concept to realization

In order to understand the demands of both the organization and the customer, we started strategic research in collaboration with information architects GriDD. Therefore, we conducted more than 20 interviews internally and externally to understand the needs of the Brocacef Group and its target groups in relation to online. We also spoke with various members of the target group: from pharmacist assistants to branch representatives and hospital pharmacists. In the translation into personas and customer journeys, we have secured these insights for the organization and translated them into a UX concept for the B2B website. Seven design principles formed the basis for consistent and good user experience.

By mapping the needs of the organization and its target groups, together with GriDD, we were able to develop the best solution for Brocacef and also to give Brocacef the tools for the future.


Translating the corporate identity to online

With the UX concept and design principles in mind, the recently developed brand identity was also translated into digital. The 'waterdrop' is now a recognizable design element, so that Brocacef can also be distinguished from its competitors online at a glance.

We've made a recognizable translation of the corporate design identity to the new platform, whereby the accessibility of information is guaranteed on all devices.

Richard Bussink, Art Director TRIMM

All business units implemented on one platform

Prior to the redesign, Brocacef presented itself online through several websites. Each business unit or operating company had its own online platform with different images and propositions. In order to radiate more uniformity and to benefit from shared investments, it was decided to integrate all online platforms into one platform: Sitecore 9 in combination with SXA. In addition, Sitecore offers all the tools for the marketing organization to analyze, develop, personalize and market.

A large part of the redesigned website is also the ‘Werken Bij’ section, which continuously contains about 150 vacancies and serves as a labor market communication tool. An integration is built with Emply, the newly introduced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of Brocacef HR. With this, Brocacef is taking a big step forward for its employer branding and recruitment strategy. It allows users to easily search, share and apply for vacancies online.

With the help and expertise of TRIMM we managed to create a very fresh and up-to-date website. A site that is built on the basis of customer needs. The specialists at TRIMM are fully aware of all aspects of the development of a new site, from design to technology.


Synergy between different development parties

The construction was done in collaboration with Caesar Experts from Utrecht. Prior to this project Caesar Experts was already responsible for the management of the Sitecore platform. By creating this together, Brocacef created a special synergy between the various parties, which guarantees a smooth transition to management.

Attention is the best care

By looking closely at all the individual entities and investigating the needs of the target groups, we have ensured that all information is relevant to each target group. In addition, the integration of all systems in Sitecore 9 ensures that the Brocacef brand identity can be implemented, which brings Brocacef to a higher level.

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