Total business transformation from customer journey experience

MCG began to redesign its customer journey experience, taking on a new strategy focused on customer touch points. These touch points are filled with various platforms ranging from: business development platform, a products and solutions platform, ecommerce, and a customer platform. By putting customer experience at number one, MCG has a decisive lead in a traditional market.


MCG (Mitsubishi Chemical Group) recognized that it's business models needed to be redefined so that it could become more profitable. It was clear that MCG would also have to serve other market segments directly, which would enable it to generate more value. 

Customer interviews revealed that MCG could perform better by improving the connection they have with their customers. These findings became the motivation behind MCG redesigning its entire customer experience journey. TRIMM and GriDD were approached by MCG to strategically guide them through this process. After thorough scrutinizing all channels it quickly became clear what different customer groups needed and how MCG should profile itself. Additionally, which customer contact moments are important as well as which means/channels could be implemented. These findings were embraced by top-level management at MCG, and formed the building blocks of the new market strategy. Clarifying what the company needed in a market with existing distribution and new OEM manages. 


The result

After delivering on the customer journey experience, TRIMM was asked to work with MCG to form a vision of the channels needed and to house them in a program map. Several new channels were developed within the new direction. The open innovation platform Growth Garage of Mitsubishi Chemical Group, stands for a low-threshold collaboration with innovators and entrepreneurs to create new innovative products, applications and solutions and put them into practice. The new serves visitors to arrive at the right solutions and products for their challenges and understand how MCG as a partner can help. The new eCommerce and customer platform, Connect, helps customer effortlessly do business and provides the insights around current orders. Finally, all digital channels have a new unified branding that identifiably positions MCG as a company that enables new ideas with its customers, rather than being a trader of plastics.


Within these MCG solutions we use Magnolia CMS, Commercetools, Infor M3, Elastic search, Keycloack.

We have shown that by collaborating with the right parties from a powerful vision we were able to implement new channels that deliver value to the user and MCG in the foreseeable future. We showed that a Customer Experience Journey (CXJ) is a good basis for organizational change. The digital platform gives MCG many insight into the customer behaviour on the digital channels and the corresponding customer needs.


TRIMM and MCG adopted an agile approach in this project. The strategy and direction were first determined so that there was a clear beacon. Subsequently, several TRIMM scrum teams set to work together with MCG product owners. The deliverables were validated with the target group and the internal stakeholders. This resulted in very usable products in a noticeably short time.

An especially important key to success was, and still is, the intensive teamwork with MCG. The strength of the team is to understand the complex technical environment, the materials and the real customer needs and most importantly translate this into the right insights for successful digital channels.

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