Signify Easy Design-In tool: Search & compose professional LED lighting systems fast and easy


Signify is world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and for the Internet of Things in lighting systems. One of the growth drivers in their OEM-segment is being the easiest company to work with through (digital) services. An example of such a service is the Easy Design-In tool that allows OEMs to compose the lighting system of their choice. This tool is used by many OEMs in their engineering, production and purchasing departments.

To continue the growth of the OEM-segment, Signify challenged TRIMM, as their preferred partner for the development of marketing and sales enablement tools, to improve the Easy Design-In tool.


TRIMMs role included driving the product vision and architecture in a complex digital landscape, developing and launching the tool in a secure and scalable way, and providing user insights to further activate the tool.  

The result

The Easy-Design-In tool:

  • Offers Global access to regional active portfolio, indicating lifecycle status, arranged by assigned family and application  
  • Simulates the performance of the LED light source, power supply and luminaire at operating conditions, showing validated results supported by their warranty.  
  • Enables cross-sell by also including add-on portfolio products (sensors, emergency components).

The new and improved Easy-Design-In tool outperforms the first version and has a several new features to assist the user. One of those features is the Guide Me wizard, that helps the user to select the right elements based on their own profile. The new tool also allows users to customize the work area to their needs and save the presets to their cloud account.

The collaboration between Signify & TRIMM can be compared to flying an aircraft. The Signify Product Owner (PO) was clearly the ‘captain’ who determined the direction and ‘destination’ that is of interest to the users. The choices made by the PO were often fueled by monitoring and insights from the UX and technical team, i.e., 'flight engineers'. In alignment with the TRIMM PO, i.e., ‘copilot’, advice was taken into consideration in order to adjust the flight path together.
This approach has led to a smooth flight, being the development and release of the improved Easy Design-In Tool.

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