Qredits app for entrepreneurship coaches

Qredits believes that collaboration leads to successful entrepreneurs and therefore offers a network of more than 700 coaches to assist entrepreneurs. These coaches share their challenges among one another via an app, and have instant insight into the status of their coaching programs. Because of the network's growth, Qredits sought a partner who could professionalize and scale up the app.


  • Finished product: App Qredits
  • Crafts: UX, UI, development
  • Client: Qredits

Functionalities of the app

The goal of Qredits is to make an important contribution to the development of good entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. This is done using experienced entrepreneurs who know the drill, as well as (young) professionals who are all busy, but make time for someone else.

To support the coach, Qredits wishes to make an app available that allows the coach to:

  • Gain insight into ongoing coaching processes with an entrepreneur;
  • Have an overview of agenda appointments;
  • Be able to keep records of meetings;
  • Contact other coaches to share knowledge and information;
  • Use available documents to support the coaching process;
  • Be kept up to date with news items.

Easy. Clear. And insight into ongoing coaching processes at all times.


Qredits was looking for a partner to design and develop a new Qredits Coach app. At TRIMM we work agile. The Agile approach allows a team to quickly adapt the project to a changed situation or customer requirements, and continuously look at the business value: what yields the most right now? So what Agile basically does is embrace change.

In multiple iterations, we worked with Qredits to see what assumptions would have the most impact on the success of the project. We then determined what we need to develop to validate these assumption(s). This can have two outcomes:

  • The assumption turns out to be true. We can continue on this path!
  • The assumption turns out not to be true. We now know more than we did beforehand, which helps us determine what our new direction should be.

In this way, we remove risk and uncertainty from the project. This approach fits perfectly with Qredits and this way we stay on course toward our goal.

This app allows coaches to quickly spar with each other about issues they encounter in their coaching programs. Together with TRIMM, we were able to create an app that is user-friendly, works quickly and is inviting. For both Qredits, and our coaches, a great addition to stay in touch. TRIMM has translated our wishes well and managed to create a beautiful app.

Martin Tesink, Projectmanager Qredits

The result

The result is a platform with a React Native App on the front end, linked to a Salesforce backend where all the data is stored. Through this platform, we enable a coach to use digital means to support an entrepreneur in the growth of his business. Feel part of a community of Qredits coaches and share your knowledge and experience among them.

In doing so, the app offers the following functionalities:

  • All information to support an entrepreneur in one place.
  • Instant insight into your current trajectories.
  • Ask your question within the coach community.
  • Contact a fellow coach easily via chat.

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