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Data strategy for de Jong & Laan

De Jong & Laan belongs to the top 10 of largest accountancy and advisory firms in The Netherlands, and has growth ambitions! Online services via its own customer portal is an important pillar for this growth. TRIMM was challenged to shape data strategy for the customer portal.


  • Challenge: Data strategy for customer portal
  • Crafts: Strategy & Data Science
  • Technology: Google Tag Manager & Power BI

The customer portal

At its core, the portal exists to optimally streamline collaboration and communications between customer and experts at de Jong & Laan. It’s also meant to serve as a lead generator for new business, existing customers (for cross- and upsell) and as a USP for prospects to choose for de Jong & Laan. To make all of this possible it’s important to look at the efficiency and usability of the platform to see where there are opportunities for improvement.

Our challenge

When creating a data strategy, the biggest challenge is to determine which business questions you want answered, how to translate them into KPIs and which metrics go with these KPIs.

In the case of de Jong & Laan there were 3 important topics regarding data. The first topic was cooperation with customers online: how long is a task open before completed? In what measure is it possible to speed up the workflow, internal or on the customers side? Where are critical deadlines at risk? These are the KPIs surrounding digital processes and services.

The second topic was about business growth: the marketing and sales side. What needs do the customers have? Which information are they looking for, and how can de Jong & Laan personalize their propositions using Marketing Automation?

The third topic was the roadmap of the customer portal itself. When building your own customer portal a vision on the product is of the highest importance, this vision is partly determined by user data. How do the various internal and external users experience the portal? And which (potential) new features or improvements will provide added value to the user experience?

Trimm guided and advised us in the process of realizing a concrete measurement plan, with a dashboard as the end result. We look forward to being able to analyze the data after the launch of the new customer portal, and to continue developing the customer portal.

Marjolijn van der Kolk, Product Owner at de Jong & Laan

Approach and results

TRIMM and de Jong & Laan defined the KPIs and metrics needed for the roadmap in a series of (online) workshops, the KPIs were focused on marketing and sales opportunities and development of the customer portal. These KPIs were translated into a strategy and measurement plan. This allows de Jong & Laan to evaluate and adjust each month on the further development of their own online services.

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