Brand Activation for Grolsch

Every year, Grolsch organizes promotional campaigns for consumers as part of brand activation. From marketing perspective these campaigns also give a chance to answer the following question: how can Grolsch communicate more effectively with their customers by using data?

In co-operation with retailers, Grolsch created a giveaway campaign related to the UEFA European Football Championship. There was a promotional code on the Grolsch packaging in supermarkets that gave the consumer a chance to win a Grolsch Beerfridge. TRIMM was asked to take on the digital operationalization of the campaign and to unburden the Grolsch brand manager.


  • Challenge: Retail campaign EC Soccer
  • Crafts: Development and Digital Marketing
  • Technologies: Magnolia, BlueConic & Copernica

Win a Grolsch Beerfridge!

Grolsch packaging in various supermarkets were provided with unique promotional codes. Consumers had a chance to win a unique Grolsch beerfridge by entering the code on the campaigns landing page. Every hour, a winner was automatically selected from all participants.

Our role

Our role was to take on the (digital) operationalization of the campaign in co-operation with the brand managers of Grolsch, so that they could launch the campaign among the consumers with peace of mind.

TRIMM generated the codes for the packaging and developed the landing page. A specially developed win-module was used to determine the prize winners, in this case randomly. For the winners, a landing page was built to make sure to manage the fulfilment and delivery of the refrigerators. Winners were informed via an automated e-mail flow.

Especially with a A brand like Grolsch, it is very important to also implement the operationalization of this type of brand activation with A quality. Everything has to be right. That is why we test the entire chain with the brand managers prior to the launch to make sure that everything is set up properly: from the website, to the customer data platform and marketing automation.

Janinka Feenstra, Account Manager at TRIMM

The result: insights in the preferences of over 200.000 consumers AND a positive review on the campaign

Over 200.000 consumers participated in the campaign, which was also named by Motivaction as one of the most appreciated European Championship promotions by consumers. Based on these insights, Grolsch will be able to communicate more efficiently with its brand fans in the future.

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