Achieving your digital business goals in 8 steps: it's possible!

Achieving your digital business goals in 8 steps: it's possible!

It is a complex challenge: taking the right steps to achieve your digital business goals. There are many internal and external factors in this that can have a restrictive effect, causing actions to be delayed or even delayed. These are the well-known questions: which digital marketing activities do you carry out, and what is the right time doing this? And how do the various digital tools relate to our sales and marketing objectives, and ultimately the organizational objectives? An approach to define clear action points is using a digital strategy roadmap.

What is a digital roadmap?

A digital strategy roadmap is a way we prepare a plan based on internal and external analysis of the value chain, customers, competitors, tooling combined with the organizational objectives, in which different steps can be defined that the organization can take, to improve the digital (marketing) strategy. In this way you have full insight into all your activities in the field of digital, and after these 8 steps you can clearly see which actions you have taken and which still have to be taken.

A good tool is not the main purpose

We often see that steps are being taken on a digital level that are not founded within a broader framework. It is of course fantastic to set up a campaign with a new marketing tool, but has enough thought been given to the content (strategy)? It is a shame of time and money if your marketing qualified leads are not followed up, the right knowledge is not available for the people who have to work with it and/or the score percentage of the leads is not fed back by the sales. That is why we always say: a nice tool is not the main goal. In fact: digital is not a final goal but a wonderful way that can contribute to the sales and marketing objectives so that the overall business and organizational goals can be achieved. We therefore also recommend that you take a good look at which resources can be used before proceeding to purchase a new tool.

Definition of the goals

Determining the digital strategy roadmap requires that the business and sales/marketing objectives are known. The digital (marketing) objectives roll out of these higher objectives. These objectives form the basis of a digital strategy roadmap. Note that it is not the case that there is one template that is suitable for every organization. The fact is that the objectives, together with the market, available tooling, content, capacity, digital maturity, time frame, and budget determine which stepper should be taken when, and at what time.

Connecting the dots

When the objectives have been mapped out, we often see that there is more understanding and insight into digital work. This allows them to be linked and connected at a higher level. In this way sharp, well-considered choices can be made. It remains important to remain critical, so we repeat the same exercise every year.


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Published on: March 26, 2019

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