Every client gets the best online results

Published on: April 9, 2019

Every client gets the best online results

Understanding and simplifying complex matters of internationally operating clients. Then devise and implement tailor-made, surprising digital solutions. In order to enable their clients to grow as well as possible online, TRIMM works with multidisciplinary teams. The thorough analysis are fundamental for the online top positions of their clients.

TRIMM, a member of the international ICOM network, continues to grow thanks to its effective team approach and digital craftsmanship. The successful complex problem solver, with offices in Enschede, Utrecht, and Amsterdam, has over 110 digital specialists. The main goal of their vision is the creation of innovative and practical solutions for the complex challenges of their clients.

TRIMM, scoring high in the Emerce 100 for the third year in a row, puts people first and acts proactively. Four colleagues from different disciplines talk about their work, practical approach and customer focus for international clients. Immediately noticeable is the passion and honesty, combined with a healthy team spirit. "Every team member is fully aware of the customer goals."

Digital growth

According to the four colleagues, the added value of TRIMM is the wish to let clients grow in digital perspective, and make sure they have no worries at all. Developer Jeffrey van der Heide points out the close partnerships with their clients. “Because of this, we are able to understand their business better. Besides, we always keep a sharp eye for future improvements during all projects." Business analyst Maarten Peijnenburg, who is also a translator of client requirements, emphasizes expertise in all areas: "In addition to advice, we are strong in operationalizing the digital strategy. We know exactly what can be achieved and we can surprise our clients with new applications and technologies. As a result, we bring their business value to a higher level."

The solutions are innovative, high-quality and contribute to a reliable digital solution. Jeffrey explains that TRIMM provides access to large amounts of data, portals, and configurators, including innovative 3D solutions. UX designer Nikki de Wals emphasizes the complete unburdening of customers: "We are specialized in the cross-media communication of major brands." Digital marketer Wendy Duurland underlines the personal way of working with clients, and mentions the feedback she has received recently: "You are not just the supplier, you are part of my team."

Business analyzing

The business analysis focuses on the value drivers of TRIMMs clients. This also applies to the added value that TRIMM delivers with personalized portals. Maarten: “How can customers connect with their target groups? And what are their sensitivities?” To make sure he can give valuable advice, he collects the wishes, objectives, and profile of the client. He also understands his business, mostly technical companies, for a targeted approach to end users. And he challenges the client to explore new possibilities. The aim is to generate extra business for the customer, offering end-users a better experience or to save costs. An example is sensor technology for movements of top athletes with an injury or for performance improvement. The data was not interpretable at first. “We brought data to the cloud and made data interpretation relevant for end users such as physiotherapists and sports analysts with an app and web portal. Result: 3D techniques follow the physical movements and provide a tailor-made recovery program. In the next phase, we will use machine learning to be able to interpret the data even better."


As a UX designer, Nikki goes to the client meetings with the product owner at an early stage. “Who are the end users and what are their needs? Where is the value of the customer and what can we add? Then I start creating concepts, working out in wireframes and testing among end-users.” For example, a webshop with high conversion, but not so many orders. Nikki: “We collected a lot of data from the visitors. What are their challenges, where do they get 'stuck', where do they make the decision and what are the wishes? How do we get more customers to the webshop? We have improved the design and built-in new technologies. It works faster, with mobile-friendly design, and we have integrated a knowledge platform.”


Realizing designs and ideas; Jeffreys job as a developer at TRIMM.  “I use innovative techniques to provide the best solutions towards our client's target group. Complexity management is also an important task. How do we improve the accessibility of all available data? ”He appoints different portals, searching solutions and configurators that TRIMM can realize, with a link to various external systems. Large amounts of data are also searched and made transparent. “The online visitor chooses different criteria to find his product. In addition, the product data can be managed centrally. The disclosure is possible in all kinds of places.” The filtering achieved values the market as a best practice. TRIMM works agile. First an MVP, then testing among users and continuing to develop incrementally. In accordance with this method, it is possible to make flexible, fast and cost-efficient adjustments.

Digital marketing

Wendy is a young professional, specialized in digital marketing. On the one hand, she focuses on online campaigns: she finds out what the customer wants to achieve and researches how digital marketing can contribute to these goals. She is also involved in optimizing online platforms. “We use different systems to analyze website data. The results provide input for continuous improvement of online platforms. Online platforms are never finished.”

The added value of digital marketing at TRIMM? The company oversees the complexity of both technology and the business very well. This allows the digital marketing team to set up successful campaigns for complex products or services. TRIMM has carried out several international projects for, among others, Philips, KLM, and Liberty Global.

Source interview: Emerce 100 magazine, c-stories