Two DIA-nominations for TRIMM

Published on: June 17, 2020
Author: Beau Meere

Two DIA-nominations for TRIMM

Enschede, June 8, 2020 - TRIMM has been nominated twice for the Dutch Interactive Awards. With the case for the Online Event for DSM, TRIMM hopes to win the first prize in the "B2B Commerce" category. In addition, they also hope to be among the winners with the case for the Grolsch Horeca Portal that has been nominated in the category "Digital transformation". Every year the Dutch Interactive Awards are presented to the very best interactive work by Dutch makers.

Continuing to innovate together, that has made our work so fun, dynamic and challenging for years! Two DIA nominations for these clients is of course something we are all very proud of!

Rogier Florijn, managing director TRIMM

Grolsch Horeca Portal

With a wide portfolio of brands and beers, Royal Grolsch operates in a fairly traditional market in which catering and retail are the main channels. However, the role of digital and e-commerce is slowly growing. Expectations are increasing noticeably in the B2B world. TRIMM has developed the Grolsch Horeca Portal for Grolsch. An innovative, online platform that supports Grolsch's catering entrepreneurs with self-care, data and the data analyzes that accompanies it.

The starting point for the online platform was to create an extension of the relationship between Grolsch and its B2B customers, the catering entrepreneurs. The portal offers advantages in various areas: gaining more business from existing relations, dealing with customer questions more efficiently and 24/7, less intervention by the account manager, bringing different internal departments closer and creating a single point of entry by bringing all online tooling together in one central location.

The platform is built from the user journeys of different users, the portal supports the account manager seamlessly in his or her daily work. The account manager has all the information and tooling available in one place to prepare, conduct and conclude a visit.

DSM Online Event

DSM and TRIMM have taken up the challenge to develop a concept that would turn the industry upside down in terms of customer engagement and lead generation. The result: an online trade show experience. Accessible 24/7, on any device and anywhere in the world where there is a minimal internet connection.

Visitors have structured access to a huge amount of outstanding content through a streaming platform. From live presentations and Keynote speakers to interaction with other visitors from their own office, home or external location. By working with a brand book and detailed work instructions, we succeeded in creating a seamless brand experience. In summary, a significant saving in time and costs without compromising the experience of a live event.

The results for DSM were not only 500 registrations and 300 new qualified leads, but also a direct connection with the visitors and tremendous thought leadership visibility in the market.

The Dutch Interactive Awards will be presented for the eleventh time this year and are an initiative of the online business title Emerce and the industry association for internet agencies DDA.