Trends in B2B Digital in 2022

Trends in B2B Digital 2022

In the dynamic world of digital business, trends and development are sometimes hard to keep up with. What are my competitors doing right now? Where do I stand in the Digital Transformation of my company? What do I need to do right now to stay ahead, or get ahead, of my competitors in the market?

We’ll make this easy for you:

Our Digital Consultants will share their view on digital trends in 2022, based on their specializations, experience, and expertise.

Janinka Feenstra – Guided Selling

At this current moment, 25% of the buying cycle is already happening digitally. We expect that this percentage will grow. That means that organizations should not only work on their digital sales process but also create an advising function: Guided Selling.

Guided Selling goes further than only applying filters or decision aids that lead to a piece of advice. With Guided Selling you’re helping your leads – from the perspective of the DMU (Decision Making Unit)  in which they work – digitally with all the various phases the lead goes through. From exploring solutions to determining requirements for the wanted product of service. In this case, the problems and wishes of your customers come first!


Guided Selling for Broshuis

For Broshuis we realized a configurator in which B2B clients can put together their own trailer, and receive a personalized quote in their inbox. Important business conditions are that for efficiency 80% of the trailers needed to be standardized. Personalization can therefore also be applied within borders.


Guided Selling for Witteveen + Bos

Based on the concept of our CX colleagues of GRIDD we developed the Service Finder for Witteveen + Bos. In this Service Finder the information needs of the various persons in the DMU and their phase in the buying process can be found, instead of internal organization and labeling at Witteveen + Bos.

Bart Werink – More (live) video in communications

As digital communication has recently got a huge boost, the role of video has also grown. Customers and leads want the offline experience on a digital platform. Video offers opportunities and we see that these opportunities are already being utilized: from posts on social media to full digital platforms with live streams and events.

Tips for using video in 2022:

  • Make use of Motion Design to make your video’s more dynamic and give them a more professional look and feel
  • Lightweight (micro) vector web animations give your website just that little extra without slowing down the speed of the site. Especially if you replace heavy video files with these lightweight files. Also really good for your SEO!
  • Consider organizing digital events that are being streamed from various locations. You can organize these events fully online or as a hybrid event.
  • AR-applications offer new chances to interact with your users. For example an Instagram filter of your product that your users can use in different places.
  • Make User-Generated Content part of your video strategy. You can do this by asking your customers to make video reviews about your product.

Jorens Thomassen – The growing possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

In the next few years the steps that are being made in the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), will become more and more visible. AI is becoming more accessible. Not only are there more ready-to-use models available, but the applications are also getting broader.

We see the maturity of AI grow in areas such as data-optimization, predictive marketing, and AI-created (digital) art. If we look at content creation, for example, the AI possibilities to improve SEO are already impressive. AI tools that can write a complete blog, just based on keywords, are already available. On top of that, the user-friendliness and thus the use of AI possibilities becomes very accessible. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Mycke Bösing – Content & Data in Digital Marketing

Content is key. This has been the case for Digital Marketing activities for some time now. New in the game is the emphasis on quality content for the B2B sector. We see that B2B organizations are moving the emphasis of their content from product-focused to solutions-focused content. Companies that also focus on improving User Experience by using clear, attractive, relevant, and informative content, improve their rankings in search engines and generate more leads and conversions.

Also, data and privacy are still relevant. Users are becoming increasingly aware of online privacy and the data leave behind with organisations. Regulations around third-party cookies are also expected to change, making the way you administer data an important topic. If cyber-security and first-party data recording didn’t have priority yet, it will certainly have in 2022.

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Published on: December 20, 2021